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Andy Auerbach, M.D.


Dr. Andrew Auerbach is a hospitalist, or specialist in managing the care of hospital patients, at UCSF Medical Center and is co-director of the Medical-Surgical Co-Management Service. In his research, he studies outcomes in different systems of patient care with a special interest in the hospitalist model. He is the principal investigator of a multi-center study of hospitalist systems and is developing research programs in perioperative medicine — the period before, during and after surgery — with a focus on methods to predict and prevent medical complications, and new approaches for translating research into patient care practices.

Auerbach completed a medical residency at Yale New Haven Hospital and a fellowship in general internal medicine at Harvard University School of Medicine, where he was trained in clinical epidemiology, multi-variable modeling, cost-effectiveness analysis and clinimetrics, a discipline that focuses on the quality of clinical measurements. Auerbach, who joined UCSF in 1998, is an associate professor of medicine in residence at UCSF.

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Dartmouth School of Medicine 1992


Yale-New Haven Medical Center, Medicine 1993


Yale-New Haven Medical Center, Internal Medicine 1995
Harvard Medical School, Internal Medicine 1998

Selected Research and Publications

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