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Christine Glastonbury, M.B. B.S.



University of Adelaide 1992


Royal Adelaide Hospital, Radiology 1997


University of Utah, Neuroradiology 2000

Selected Research and Publications

  1. Mabray MC, Glastonbury CM, Mamlouk MD, Punch GE, Solomon DA, Cha S. Direct Cranial Nerve Involvement by Gliomas: Case Series and Review of the Literature. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2015 Apr 9.
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  20. Glastonbury CM, Harnsberger HR, Hudgins PA, Salzman KL. Lateralized petrous internal carotid artery: imaging features and distinction from the aberrant internal carotid artery. Neuroradiology. 2012 Sep; 54(9):1007-13.

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