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Donna Deng, M.D., M.S.

Urologist and urologic surgeon

Dr. Donna Deng's clinical interests include urinary incontinence, bladder and voiding dysfunction, neuro-urology, pelvic reconstruction for prolapse and other pelvic injuries, and fistula repair for both women and men. Doctors throughout California and neighboring states refer patients with complex cases and challenging surgical problems to Deng.

Deng's research interests involve examining the molecular basis of, and hormonal effects on, incontinence. She is currently involved in studying and developing the use of stem cells to treat urinary incontinence and bladder function.

Deng is also involved in global health, focusing on women's and urologic health in the developing world, and has a master's degree in global health. She has worked in the Philippines, Kenya and Tanzania, training local surgeons and health care workers in the care of urology patients.

Deng has given numerous invited presentations on voiding dysfunction and pelvic surgery, including national and international presentations. She has published in peer-reviewed medical journals and in major textbooks, including the 3rd edition of Female Urology (Elsevier, 2006) and the 18th edition of Smith's General Urology (McGraw-Hill, 2013).

Deng is an associate professor in the UCSF Department of Urology. She earned a medical degree at the University of California, Davis, followed by internship and residency in urology at UCSF. She then completed a fellowship in urinary incontinence, pelvic reconstructive surgery, neuro-urology and urodynamics at UCLA. She is certified by the American Board of Urology.


Urology Practice
400 Parnassus Ave., Sixth Floor, Suite A610
San Francisco, CA 94143
Phone: (415) 353-2200
Fax: (415) 353-2641

Hours: Monday to Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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University of California Davis - Medical School 1998


UCSF Medical Center, Urology 2004


UCLA Medical Center, Female Urology and Pelvic Reconstruction 2005

Selected Research and Publications

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