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Philip Ursell, M.D.


Dr. Philip C. Ursell is a pathologist and director of the Autopsy Service at UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. He is an expert in cardiovascular anatomy and pathology with an emphasis on developmental heart disease. His diagnostic responsibilities include endomyocardial biopsies, cardiac explants and other cardiovascular specimens received in surgical pathology.

In his research, he addresses developmental aspects of cardiac disease and the structural basis for arrhythmias. Ursell is a member of the American Heart Association, Society for Cardiovascular Pathology and U.S. and Canadian Academy of Pathology, He is a professor of clinical pathology at the UCSF School of Medicine.

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Columbia University School of Medicine, New York 1976


Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, Pathology 1980


Columbia University, New York, Cardiac Pathology 1983

Selected Research and Publications

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