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Pioneering Care
Patients and doctors come to UCSF Medical Center for the same reasons. They want a top-ranked hospital with a culture of excellence, innovation and compassionate care. From new cancer treatments to living donor organ transplants, UCSF provides pioneering care, one patient at a time.


Dr. Margaret Tempero and Stuart Rickerson
Dr. Margaret Tempero
Director of the Pancreas Center at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
The scientists here aren’t afraid of taking risks. That gives a very different flavor to their work. They will try new things, they will think out of the box, they won’t back off from a difficult problem. In fact, sometimes the harder it is, the more they want to come to the table to try to unravel it.
Stuart Rickerson
Pancreatic cancer patient, retired executive
After I was diagnosed, my wife created a road-show of the top medical centers to visit. After our meeting with Dr. Tempero, I turned to my wife in the elevator and said, ‘We don’t need to go see any of the other doctors. We'll get the best care here.’
Dr. Larry Rand and Meghann Bauer
Dr. Larry Rand
Director of Perinatal Services at the Fetal Treatment Center
UCSF has the people, the drive, the science, the technology — but perhaps one of the strongest pulls for me is the sophistication of the research. It stems from truly wanting to make a difference, to change things now, and to do so in an innovative way. Fetal surgery is one of the best examples of that. UCSF is where it all began — this is where the very first procedure took place. Something that no one thought was possible was made possible.
Meghann Bauer
Twin-to-twin transfusion patient, mom of twins
To be told that both of their lives were at risk — we were devastated. But my doctor said UCSF was the best place to go, that they have ways to treat it.
Dr. Mitchel Berger and Jennifer Alden
Dr. Mitchel Berger
Chair of Neurological Surgery
We're steeped in talent at every level — it’s like playing on an all-star football team.
Jennifer Alden
Brain tumor patient, actress and blogger
My search for a neurosurgeon was like Goldilocks and the Three Bears: I met with three surgeons, and the last one was just right.
Dr. Peter Carroll and John Shoemaker
Dr. Peter Carroll
Co-director of Urologic Cancer at the UCSF
Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
Without question, this is a very creative and innovative environment. We come to work each day thinking how we're going to do things differently, do them better. People are focused on making a lasting impact in the world. It's a hive of brilliance.
John Shoemaker
Prostate cancer patient, retired executive
The more I learned about UCSF, the more impressed I became. It is literally one of the leading institutions of its type in the world, with some of the best and brightest medical scientists. To me, it was just logical that this is the place you would want to be if you were a patient.
Dr. John Roberts and Amy Baghdadi
Dr. John Roberts
Chief of the Transplant Service
In taking care of patients and doing research, we always have questions. What sets UCSF apart is you can always find the right expert. If I need to talk to a world expert in genetics or neurology, there’s one here. You can always find just the right person to help you move the world forward.
Amy Baghdadi
Liver cancer and transplant patient, mom and volunteer
Living here, I always knew that UCSF does amazing work. But having gone through the system with such a rare illness, needing such dramatic treatment and care, I gained an appreciation for the talent and dedication of the people who work there. All these people are giving so much of themselves to save other people’s lives, to make a difference.
Dr. Thomas Vail and Dr. Kevin Stroh
Dr. Thomas Vail
Chair of Orthopedic Surgery
One of the things I love about UCSF is the creativity and synergy between experts across all departments. When I'm looking to solve a complex problem, I can consult with some of the best physicians, nurses, therapists and scientists in the world without ever leaving the campus.
Dr. Kevin Stroh
Double hip replacement patient, podiatrist
For difficult cases and state-of-the-art medicine, you turn to UCSF.
Dr. Jeffrey Olgin and Kathi Sigona
Dr. Jeffrey Olgin
Co-director of the Heart and Vascular Center
If you want to work in electrophysiology and cardiology, UCSF is absolutely the best place to do it. It’s full of the best, most innovative and talented electrophysiologists in the world.
Kathi Sigona
Atrial fibrilliation patient, school principal
After my cardiologist in Modesto told me I had atrial fibrillation, I began to research where I could get the best possible care. I was ready to go anywhere in the United States, but I learned that one of the best medical centers in the country was in my own backyard, at UCSF.
Dr. Nancy Ascher and Sheila FitzPatrick
Dr. Nancy Ascher
Chair of the Surgery Department
The relationship between the whole team is key to a safe and efficient operation. It’s a great pleasure to work with people you trust and who kind of know your moves — it’s a little like being dance partners.
Sheila FitzPatrick
Kidney transplant patient, attorney
I spent 18 months researching the best transplant hospitals. I interviewed people at roughly 30 of the country's leading transplant centers. Everything I saw kept pointing back to UCSF.