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Tai Chi Chuan Classes

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient form of self-defense that has been refined into a slow, graceful and rhythmic exercise. Often referred to as moving meditation, it's designed to increase circulation throughout the body, calm the mind and improve balance. Tai Chi Chuan has been shown to improve physical confidence, musculoskeletal flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. The practice also is effective in helping to prevent falls among the elderly.

Tai Chi Chuan is said to have originated in 100 B.C. with the ancient Chinese doctor Hua Tuo. Because he believed that imitating the movements of animals would yield health benefits, he prescribed them to his patients. Today, most practitioners refer to a legendary Taoist priest, Cheng San Feng, who is said to have created Tai Chi Chuan by combining the movements observed in animals with other principles of nature.

The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine offers group beginner and continuing Tai Chi Chuan classes. Participants will learn the basic movements of the Yang-style long form. Classes are taught by Joseph S. Acquah, a licensed acupuncturist and expert in Tai Chi Chuan.


  • Beginning for all ages — Monday, 6 to 7 p.m. (10 weeks)
  • Advanced for all ages — Monday, 7 to 8 p.m. (10 weeks)
  • Age 50 and over — Wednesday, noon to 1 p.m. (10 weeks)


Osher Center for Integrative Medicine
1545 Divisadero St.
San Francisco, CA 94115

Cost and Registration

The fee for the 10-week classes is $130.

You can register online at or call the center at (415) 353-7718.