About our review process

About Reviews

At UCSF Health, we are committed to understanding and continually improving the patient experience of care. As part of that commitment, we measure our patient experience after each visit and post our outpatient physician ratings online. All comments posted come from verified patients of UCSF Health following healthcare visits.

Who receives the survey?

The survey is electronically mailed to all UCSF Health patients within a few days following a clinic appointment, except when someone was already surveyed in the prior 2 weeks. Each year we obtain more than 45,000 surveys from patients who receive care in our outpatient clinics.

Are all comments posted?

The questions used for online physician reviews come from the physician section of the survey, and are standardized questions used nationally. The survey is managed by Press Ganey Associates, a company that works with more than 10, 000 health care organizations in the United States. The Star Ratings process is managed by NRC Health.

We share both positive and negative comments about the provider from the prior 2 years, with these exceptions:

  • Offensive, inflammatory, slanderous, discriminatory, libelous or profane language
  • Names or detailed descriptions that jeopardize patient privacy/confidentiality

Using these exclusion criteria, 94% of all comments received are posted.

Why don't we see patient ratings and comments for every physician?

  • A minimum amount of data is needed to provide a more accurate picture. We require a minimum of 30 surveys and 5 comments per physician before we post a physician’s rating and comments.
  • A physician’s ratings will only be shown if that person works in the outpatient setting.
  • Pediatric provider reviews are not yet shown as improvements are being made to the pediatric website.

Other General Guidelines

We do not edit comments. Identifying details may be marked as [redacted] to protect patient privacy and the privacy of other staff or providers who are not the subject of the review. Sections of comments are not removed/edited, so any portion that meets exclusion criteria results in exclusion of entire comment.