If you think you are experiencing insomnia, your doctor will start by asking you about your medical history as well as your sleep history. Your doctor will ask you and your bed partner, if he or she is present, certain questions to determine your sleep habits. This may include questions about the following:

  • When you go to bed and wake up
  • The amount of caffeine and alcohol you drink
  • How long you've had insomnia
  • Whether you are experiencing any stress or anxiety that may be affecting your sleep
  • If you snore
  • Any medical problems that may be interrupting your sleep

If the cause of your insomnia is unclear to your doctor, he or she may ask you to keep a sleep diary, in which you will record:

  • The time you go to bed
  • How long it takes you to fall asleep
  • How often you wake during the night
  • What time you wake up
  • How you feel upon waking

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