Intestinal Failure

Patients interested in the Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplantation Program must complete an evaluation before qualifying for the program. Our team reviews each patient's medical history, including the primary diagnosis, previous surgeries, previous treatments and current nutritional status to determine whether he or she will benefit from intestinal rehabilitation.

The patient evaluation process includes:

  • Consultations with a gastroenterologist and nurse practitioner, surgeon, nutritionist and social worker
  • Laboratory tests
  • Radiological tests
  • Additional tests when necessary, such as endoscopy with biopsy, gastrointestinal motility testing, breath hydrogen testing for bacterial overgrowth or malabsorption and imaging tests, such as abdominal CT scan

After the evaluation process is completed, our team determines if the patient should be admitted into the Intestinal Rehabilitation Program. If the patient is admitted, a comprehensive, individual treatment plan is designed to best meet their needs.

Reviewed by health care specialists at UCSF Medical Center.

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