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Dear UCSF Health Patients and Families,

We are honored that you have chosen UCSF Health and are committed to providing the best care to you and your families.  

COVID-19 is causing a major disruption to many people's lives, but it's important that you don't put your health care on hold.

We are here for all of our patients, their families and our communities, especially during this challenging time. We are 15,000 physicians, nurses and staff strong – one of best health systems in the nation – working 24/7 to care for your health.

Our priority continues to be providing high-quality, compassionate care to UCSF Health patients while keeping everyone safe.  

On this website, you can find important information about how we are prepared. I encourage you to watch this video that shows what to expect during your next visit to UCSF Health. 

You also can read about five ways we are keeping you safe in this article. 

We also want you to take care of yourselves.  

Please wear your masks, wash your hands and keep your physical distance from others. And it's critically important – this year more than any other – that you and your family members get your flu shots.  

Thank you for placing your trust in us. We pledge to continually work to improve the care we provide to you, your family and our community

Mark R. Laret
President and CEO
UCSF Health