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Dr. Louise Aronson is a geriatrician who treats seniors through the UCSF Housecalls Program for homebound patients. She also is director of the Northern California Geriatrics Education Center and UCSF Pathways to Discovery Program. She divides her time among program leadership, teaching, clinical practice and medical education research.

Aronson received a medical degree at Harvard Medical School. At UCSF, she completed a residency in internal medicine, a clinician-educator fellowship and geriatrics fellowship. She later earned a fine arts master's degree in fiction writing at the Warren Wilson Program for Writers in Asheville, N.C. Aronson's research focuses on reflective learning in medical education, geriatrics education, scholarship skills and public medical writing. She is a member of the Academy of Medical Educators and the recipient of awards for teaching, mentoring and the scholarship of teaching and learning. She is a professor of medicine.

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Harvard Medical School 1992


UCSF Medical Center 1995


UCSF Medical Center, Geriatric Medicine 1998

Selected Research and Publications

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