UCSF Seeks Participants for Insulin and Exercise Study

August 14, 2003
Contact: Christine Torok (415) 722-5192

The UCSF Diabetes and Endocrine Research Unit is recruiting participants for a four-month study to determine why exercise makes muscles more sensitive to insulin and how exercise can help lower the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and possibly cancer.

To be eligible, participants must be healthy and between 20 to 50 years old. In addition, they must not exercise rigorously and be of "normal" body weight. Participants will undergo blood tests and oral glucose screening. to determine eligibility. Those who qualify will be tested for muscle function and have their body fat measured. The study will take four months and participants must be available for the entire duration.

Once the participants are selected, they will be randomly assigned into two sections. A third of the participants will take part in a supervised exercise program three to four days a week for 12 weeks. The rest of the participants will make up the control group. They will not receive an exercise program and will be instructed to continue their normal routine. The results of exercise on body fat and muscle function will be compared between the two groups.

Those who undergo screening will be paid $50. Those qualifying as one of 90 participants in the control group will receive approximately $500. The 45 participants selected for the exercise program each will receive approximately $800. The exact financial reimbursement for participation in the study is subject to change, and will cover the individual's time, effort and travel expenses.

Drs. Ira Goldfine and Umesh Masharani, endocrinologists, and Dr. Jack Youngren, an exercise physiologist and research biochemist, are conducting the study.

To participate, please contact Christine Torok, study coordinator and registered nurse, at (415) 722-5192 or at ctorok@itsa.ucsf.edu.