UCSF Mini Medical School Offers Public Course on "Frontiers of Medicine"

April 12, 2005
News Office: Carol Fox (415) 502-6397

UCSF's unique and popular Mini Medical School returns May 18 through June 29 with six new lectures focusing on the theme "Brainstorms to Breakthroughs: Frontiers of Medicine."

Mini Medical School offers the public a once-a-year opportunity to walk in the shoes of a first- or second-year medical student and learn from leading UCSF scientists and teachers as they describe breaking events in health sciences research and how those discoveries may be translated into therapies.

Each lecture is followed by a lively question-and-answer period. One exception to the true medical-student experience: no homework and no exams.

The series is scheduled for Wednesday evenings, May 18 through June 29, from 7 to 9 p.m. in Cole Hall on the UCSF campus at 513 Parnassus Ave. Students will hear the latest about leading health issues of the day, such as multiple sclerosis, heart health, stem cells, cancer, the body's hormones and the physiological effects of stress, among other topics. Attendees also will have the option of signing up for electives that feature visits to UCSF Medical Center units, campus research labs and computer labs.

Tuition for the course is $75. Parking in the UCSF campus garage is $3 per evening.

UCSF first offered this public education course in fall 1999. The series has sold out in previous years, so early registration is encouraged.

For registration information, call the UCSF Public Affairs office at (415) 502-6397 or email eobrien@pubaff.ucsf.edu. For more information about UCSF, visit the web site at www.ucsf.edu.

A complete schedule for UCSF Mini Medical School classes follows:

* MAY 18: "THE HEALTHY HEART: HOW DO WE GET IT, HOW DO WE KEEP IT?" by Dr. Rita F. Redberg, Professor of Medicine; and Director, Women's Cardiovascular Services

* MAY 25: "FRONTIERS OF THE BRAIN AND NERVOUS SYSTEM," by Dr. Stephen L. Hauser, Chair, Department of Neurology

* JUNE 1: "STEM CELLS: EXPLORING HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND NEW STRATEGIES IN MEDICINE," by Dr. Arnold Kriegstein, Director, UCSF Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Program; and Professor, Department of Neurology

* JUNE 15: "HORMONES AS REGULATORS, AND A NEW APPROACH TO OBESITY" by Dr. John Baxter, Professor of Medicine; and Director, Metabolic Research Unit

* JUNE 22: "NEW HORIZONS ON THE WAR ON CANCER: THEORY TO THERAPY," by Frank McCormick, David A. Wood Endowed Chair of Tumor Biology and Cancer Research, Microbiology and Immunology; and Director, UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center and Cancer Research Institute

* JUNE 29: "STRESS EFFECTS ON MOOD, METABOLISM AND BODY FAT," by Elissa Epel, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

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