UCSF Asian Heart and Vascular Center Opens Its Doors

May 09, 2006
News Office: Vanessa deGier (415) 502-6397

The UCSF Asian Heart and Vascular Center, the first center of its kind in the country, held its grand opening on Wednesday, May 10 at UCSF Medical Center at Mount Zion.

Cardiovascular disease and stroke are the leading causes of death among Asian-American men and women, according to the American Heart Association. In San Francisco, Asian Americans are the fastest growing segment of the San Francisco population, making up a third of the city's population.

While Asian Americans share the same risk factors as the general population — such as high rates of hypertension, obesity, diabetes and smoking — studies have shown the relationship between risk factors and cardiovascular disease can differ in Asian and Western populations, indicating a need to create prevention and treatment strategies designed for Asian populations.

The center will provide interpreters who can communicate with patients in their native languages, patient advocates and an education and research center with language-specific materials.

In addition, the center will help coordinate and plan research efforts regarding heart and vascular disease among Asians.

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