UCSF Sports Medicine to Care for Runners at the Nike Women's Marathon

October 21, 2007
News Office: Mike Fortes (415) 502-6397

Since the Nike Women's Marathon started three years ago, the UCSF Sports Medicine Center has kept stride with the race, serving as the marathon's official medical team each year. On Sunday, Oct. 21, UCSF will partner with Kaiser Permanente to provide medical care for runners at the race. The event draws a total of 20,000 runners and raises more than $18 million for leukemia and lymphoma research.

"The Nike Women's Marathon is a race like no other," says Dr. Anthony Luke, a sports medicine doctor at UCSF. "It generates a huge level of energy and excitement since runners know they're not only doing something great for themselves but also for lymphoma and leukemia research. For the medical team, it's great to play our part in the effort."

UCSF is recruiting volunteers to join the medical team. For more information or to sign up to participate, please go to http://orthosurg.ucsf.edu/sports/volunteer/ or contact UCSF Sports Medicine at marathon@orthosurg.ucsf.edu. Information about Sports Medicine services is available at www.ucsfhealth.org/sportsmedicine.