Summer 2008

Full Spectrum of Care for Heart Failure

UCSF Heart Failure Evaluation and Treatment Program Director Teresa De Marco, M.D., discusses the program's individualized medical evaluation and treatment plans for patients with heart failure, and emphasizes the importance of close collaboration with referring physicians.

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Perspective — Advanced Heart and Lung Failure

Michael Crawford, M.D., chief of clinical cardiology, discusses the links between heart and lung failure, and attributes the high success rate among heart and lung patients to the close coordination between referring physicians and multidisciplinary teams of care providers at the UCSF Medical Center.

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Heart Failure — A Case Study

A 23-year-old male was born with coarctation of the aorta and a bicuspid aortic valve and received a prosthetic patch aortoplasty as a neonate. At age 19, he was admitted to UCSF Medical Center with sinus tachycardia. He had developed developed heart failure due to aortic insufficiency and aortic stenosis leading to dilated cardiomyopathy. A year ago, he underwent orthotopic heart transplantation and currently receives follow-up care in the transplant clinic every three months.

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Heart Failure — Determining Optimal Treatment

Charles Hoopes, M.D., surgeon and director of the UCSF heart and lung transplant programs, discusses heart patient symptoms, candidacy for heart transplant and the importance of early referral for patients to have more treatment options.

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Collaboration Improves Aortic Aneurysm Treatment

At the UCSF Heart and Vascular Center, heart surgeons collaborate with Timothy Chuter, M.D., and other vascular surgeons to improve outcomes of advanced aortic aneurysm treatments, such as the use of branched stent grafts.

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Evaluating Emphysema Patients for Lung Transplants

Jeffrey Golden, M.D., medical director of lung transplantation, discusses guidelines used to determine priority on waiting lists for lungs, and recommends aggressive medical treatment for patients with emphysema as an alternative to transplantation.

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CME Courses

See information on upcoming continuing medical education courses.

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Physician Liaison Service

The UCSF Physician Liaison Service provides assistance and information to referring physicians, medical groups and health plans. Please call the Physician Liaison Service or visit

Phone: (800) 444-2559
Fax: (415) 353-4395

Transfer Center

The UCSF Transfer Center is open 24 hours daily to coordinate the transfer of your patients to UCSF Medical Center from hospitals throughout the region.

Phone: (415) 353-9166
Fax: (415) 353-9172