Spring 2005

New Frontiers in Treating Glioma

A number of parallel developments in clinical and basic science are making brain tumors more vulnerable than ever before. A new understanding of the underlying biology of cell growth, along with new tools for monitoring the tumor's growth and its response to therapy, has created a number of new clinical opportunities.

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Brain Metastasis

Ten or 15 years ago, stage IV metastatic cancer was a death sentence. Now, primary cancer is a bigger threat. New technologies and modifications of old technologies have drastically reduced mortality from metastatic cancer.

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Neurocritical Care

Neurointensivists meld neurology and intensive care medicine to provide the highest level of care for critically ill patients with damage to the central nervous system. With 20 neuro-ICU beds, UCSF has one of the largest units in the nation.

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Can Statins Ameliorate MS?

MS is a deadly disease with few therapeutic options. UCSF scientists discovered that the cardiovascular drugs called statins can have immunomodulatory effects that alleviate the animal model of multiple sclerosis. Researchers are beginning a trial to discover if statins will benefit humans with MS.

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Medical Mystery

A blind sculptor is afflicted with postural headaches. UCSF physicians conduct a long search to locate and address the source of his pain.

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Artificial Lumbar Disc Training

UCSF Medical Center has been designated a training site for physicians learning how to implant the Charite artificial lumbar disc.

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CME Courses

See information on upcoming continuing medical education courses.

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Physician Liaison Service

The UCSF Physician Liaison Service provides assistance and information to referring physicians, medical groups and health plans. Please call the Physician Liaison Service or visit www.ucsfhealth.org/health_professionals/make_a_referral/.

Phone: (800) 444-2559
Fax: (415) 353-4395
Email: referral.center@ucsfmedctr.org

Transfer Center

The UCSF Transfer Center is open 24 hours daily to coordinate the transfer of your patients to UCSF Medical Center from hospitals throughout the region.

Phone: (415) 353-9166
Fax: (415) 353-9172