Spring 2005

CME Courses

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Course TitleDatesCity, State
Pain Management and End-of-Life CareJune 9-10, 2005San Francisco, California
PET and PET/CT ImagingOct. 15-16, 2005San Francisco, California
Advances in Clinical MR & CT ImagingOct. 17-21, 2005San Francisco, California
39th Annual Recent Advances in NeurologyFeb. 15-17, 2006San Francisco, California
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News Releases

New Strategy Used for Prion Diagnosis
A technique to detect prions in brain tissue is more sensitive than procedures currently used, according to a UCSF research team. The finding indicates that conformation-dependent immunoassay (CDI) should be the standard approach.

Brain Tumor Treatment Varies Greatly
Primary malignant brain tumors are uncommon and often associated with a poor prognosis. A new study found that treatment of these tumors varies greatly among medical centers and can conflict with accepted guidelines of care.