Summer 2007

Perspective — The Major Impact of MR Imagery

Neuroradiology Chief William Dillon, M.D., discusses how advances in neuroscience at UCSF, especially in MR techniques, continue to result in better therapies for patients and improve our understanding of disease processes.

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UCSF Opens New Pituitary Center

After 30 years, the UCSF pituitary treatment program is being redesigned and rebuilt, says UCSF head and neck surgeon Sandeep Kunwar, M.D. The program is reopening as the California Center for Pituitary Disorders.

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Advances in Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery

Skull surgery is experiencing major clinical advancements, surgeons say, as minimally invasive surgery (MIS) techniques are applied to resolving a variety of brain tumors and craniofacial disorders.

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MR Neurography and CT Guide Pain-Blocking Injections

Using MR neurography (a new T2-weighted MR technique) and CT to accurately see inflamed nerves beyond the spinal canal, plan pain blocking injections and guide needles to the injection site.

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DTI Tractography Provides White Matter 'Roadmap'

UCSF scientists are using innovative signal processing algorithms to map white matter tracts, providing neuroscientists and neurosurgeons with valuable information about the brain.

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Pediatric Neurologist Joins Growing Epilepsy Program

UCSF is bringing aboard an accomplished pediatric epileptologist, Joseph Sullivan, M.D., from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). The addition of Sullivan, plus the recent addition of epileptologists Tina Shih, M.D., and John Hixson, M.D., doubles the number of faculty involved in the clinical care of epilepsy and makes UCSF's epilepsy program the largest in Northern California, says UCSF neurologist Daniel Lowenstein, M.D.

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Brain Tumor Education Center

The Department of Neurological Surgery has established a new Brain Tumor Education Center for patients and their caregivers.

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CME Courses

See information on upcoming continuing medical education courses.

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Physician Liaison Service

The UCSF Physician Liaison Service provides assistance and information to referring physicians, medical groups and health plans. Please call the Physician Liaison Service or visit

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Transfer Center

The UCSF Transfer Center is open 24 hours daily to coordinate the transfer of your patients to UCSF Medical Center from hospitals throughout the region.

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