Winter 2006

Editorial — Expanding Multidisciplinary Pediatric Neurology

The field of pediatric neuroscience — and child neurology in particular — continues to expand dramatically with new discoveries and challenges.

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MRI Provides Insights into Fetal Brain

Technological advancements make it possible to produce detailed magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of a fetus in the womb, making MRI an increasingly important clinical tool for diagnosing fetal abnormalities and understanding normal fetal development.

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UCSF Establishes Pediatric Brain Tumor Institute

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital and the Department of Neurological Surgery have established a Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Institute, deepening a commitment to increase the understanding of brain tumors in young patients.

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UCSF Starts Pediatric Stroke Center

To provide better stroke care for children, UCSF physicians are establishing a clinical pediatric stroke program, one of the few in the nation.

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Putting Together the Puzzle of Epilepsy

Video and EEG monitoring of epilepsy patients at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital is typically performed over a three- to five-day period with the involvement of pediatric specialist physicians, pediatric nurses and family life specialists.

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Facial Birthmarks Signal Deeper Problems in Brain

Since UCSF physicians first described the syndrome characterized by large facial hemangiomas, the presence of these hemangiomas has become a prompt for further investigation. Doctors now are working to better define the risk of further malformations when hemangiomas are present.

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MRI Opens Window on Brain Malformations

Increasing use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to view fetal and neonatal brains — along with molecular genetic techniques — is creating a new understanding of congenital brain malformations and normal brain development.

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CME Courses

See information on upcoming continuing medical education courses.

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Physician Liaison Service

The UCSF Physician Liaison Service provides assistance and information to referring physicians, medical groups and health plans. Please call the Physician Liaison Service or visit

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Transfer Center

The UCSF Transfer Center is open 24 hours daily to coordinate the transfer of your patients to UCSF Medical Center from hospitals throughout the region.

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