Fall 2007

Chair's Message - Orthopaedic Surgery Fall 2007

This has been a busy season full of strategic planning, which has already netted outstanding results. The department is once again among the top 10 recipients of research funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Ultimately, our planning will bring more new faces to the department, enhanced roles for many of our existing faculty and a more efficient infrastructure overall.

Our esteemed new faculty recruits include Casey Batten, M.D., in Sports Medicine, Alfred Kuo, M.D., in Arthroplasty, and Nancy Kadel, M.D., Landrus Pfeffinger, M.D., and Trinh Pham, M.D., in Foot and Ankle. In addition, we are actively recruiting a faculty member in outcomes research, an effort led by our current experts in this area, Sig Berven, M.D., and Kevin Bozic, M.D.

Our new recruits promise to extend the long list of research and clinical advances begun by our existing faculty, who are building on their excellent work with the department. For example, Benjamin Ma, M.D., assistant professor, and Hubert Kim, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor, will become respective chiefs of our Sports Medicine and San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center service programs. David Bradford, M.D., Jeff Lotz, Ph.D., and Dil Cannon, M.D., are continuing their pioneering research and development activity in biomaterials and tissue engineering/regeneration. Harry Jergesen, M.D., will chair a new Committee on Mentoring for our junior faculty, and Kadel will create a new Dance Medicine Center in collaboration with Richard Coughlin, M.D.

Finally, our infrastructure has never been stronger, with a new administrative director, Eula McKinney, in our Spine Center; state-of-the-art renovation underway in both our basic science labs and our Millberry Union conference room; and a new Orthopaedic Learning Center soon scheduled to open at San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH).

In all of our efforts, philanthropy plays a central role, supporting everything from our recruitment of new faculty and our facilities renovations to our world-class work in orthopaedic trauma — the focus of this issue of Orthopaedic Surgery News. We are particularly proud of Theodore Miclau, M.D., and his group at San Francisco General Hospital, where research and patient care in fracture healing are second to none. We are deeply grateful for all of the generous gifts that have sustained this program and many others; indeed, we would be unable to grow without them.

Please enjoy this issue, visit Grand Rounds and take advantage of our services.

Thomas Parker Vail, M.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

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