Summer 2007

Chair's Message

Thomas Vail, M.D., talks about his vision for the future of the department.

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UCSF Opens Cartilage Repair and Regeneration Center

Clinicians and researchers at UCSF have initiated a new cartilage repair and regeneration center aimed at utilizing and testing the latest clinical methods while harnessing basic scientific tools to improve cartilage repair.

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Stop-loss: Halting Post-traumatic Cartilage Damage

Hyaline cartilage that dies does not regenerate. When cartilage repairs itself, it does so with the softer, less effective fibrocartilage. Discovering a way to keep injured cartilage cells from dying after trauma or surgery would go a long way toward forestalling or improving cartilage repair.

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Regrowing Cartilage

Orthopaedic researchers at UCSF are testing a therapy to regrow damaged cartilage. The therapy involves growing patients' own cartilage cells outside the body and then using them to repair damaged tissue.

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Osteochondral Defect: Case Study

JD, was a 23-year-old male college student and patient who presented for evaluation of his right knee. He had experienced a twisting injury to the knee four years previously and a recent injury had caused the knee to lock up. The diagnosis was a right knee osteochondral defect with possible osteochondral loose body in the interchondylar notch.

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MRI Key to Understanding Cartilage Health

For the most part, traditionally used imaging tools have not supplied enough quantitative data to successfully monitor the health of cartilage tissue. New imaging techniques and technologies are coming in place to change that.

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Vail Joins Department as Chair

Thomas Parker Vail, M.D., became the chair of the UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery in January. One of the nation's top orthopaedic surgeons, Vail comes to UCSF from Duke University, where he was professor of orthopaedic surgery and director of adult reconstructive surgery at Duke University Medical Center.

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CME Courses

See information on upcoming continuing medical education courses.

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Physician Liaison Service

The UCSF Physician Liaison Service provides assistance and information to referring physicians, medical groups and health plans. Please call the Physician Liaison Service or visit

Phone: (800) 444-2559
Fax: (415) 353-4395

Transfer Center

The UCSF Transfer Center is open 24 hours daily to coordinate the transfer of your patients to UCSF Medical Center from hospitals throughout the region.

Phone: (415) 353-9166
Fax: (415) 353-9172