November 2007

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Primary Care Connections was developed by UCSF Medical Center to bring you updates in medicine. Read a commentary about the newsletter by Dr. Ronald H. Goldschmidt, UCSF vice chair of Family and Community Medicine.

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Bariatric Surgery Leads to Longer Lives

Weight-loss surgery leads to longer lives and lasting weight loss, according to the first long-term studies of these procedures. The study results could lead to more such operations and make bariatric surgery an option for those less severely obese. Learn how to help your patients prepare for weight-loss surgery.

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Early Detection of Heart Disease

Learn about new, non-invasive imaging that produces fast and highly accurate 3-D images of the heart and blood vessels, allowing for early detection of heart disease in patients who are at low- to moderate-risk for the condition.

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Talking to Patients About Smoking Cessation

Do you talk with your patients about smoking? Learn what you can do in less than one minute to help patients kick the habit.

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Preventing ACL Injuries in Women

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most commonly injured ligaments of the knee. Did you know that women are more prone to ACL tears than men? Learn what female athletes can do to help prevent ACL injuries.

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Expanded Window for Stroke Therapy

A 67-year-old female with a history of hypertension experiences paralysis and decreased sensation in the right side of her face and right arm. Her symptoms started at noon. It is now 4:30 p.m. Learn about the latest and most advanced acute stroke treatment, effective up to eight hours after symptom onset.

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Continuing Medical Education

Attend one of UCSF's upcoming CME courses for the latest research in medicine. See a list of courses by department.

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