October 2008

From the Director of Women's Health Primary Care

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to our fourth issue of Primary Care Connections. In every issue, we try to highlight the important topics and clinical updates affecting primary care today.

As primary care physicians, it is essential that we screen our patients for numerous preventable conditions. In this issue, we discuss the importance of thoroughly recording family histories to identify patients who are at risk for familial cancer and who should be screened and tested.

And as a women's health specialist, I'd like to remind you to screen for domestic violence in your patients. Studies consistently show that family violence affects 25 percent of children and adults in the United States during their lifetime. There is also strong evidence that shows children who experience adverse experiences and family abuse have a higher incidence of developing conditions such as stroke, diabetes and coronary artery disease in adulthood.

We look forward to bringing you more relevant topics in upcoming issues. Thank you for your interest.

Best Regards,

Anne W. Chang, M.D.
Medical Director
UCSF Women's Health Primary Care