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Online Peer Support FAQ

Do I need to login to submit a question?

No, there's no need to login. No identification, such as full name or login information, is required. Users who submit a question will be asked to pick a nickname or to use first name only for identification. Providing an email address is optional. Those who provided an email address will be notified when the question and answer is posted.

Please read the Content Guidelines before submitting your questions. Keep in mind that our volunteers share their experiences and provide support and practical information, but don't provide medical advice.

I see that providing an email address is optional. Should I provide my email address?

If you provide an email address, you will be notified when your question is answered and posted on our site. You also will be asked to complete an optional survey after your question is answered. The survey will measure your impressions of the program and ask some demographic questions to better understand our audience.

If I submit a question, who will answer it?

Questions are answered by volunteers who have experienced a cancer diagnosis and who participate in the Peer Support Program of the Ida & Joseph Friend Cancer Resource Center at UCSF. More than 100 volunteers have undergone training to provide support and information to cancer patients by phone and some of those volunteers participate in the online program.

We try to match volunteers with patients who are facing similar experiences. If you would like to have an extended conversation by phone with one of our volunteers, please contact the Peer Support Program.

How long will it take to get an answer to my question?

Our volunteers try to answer each question within a day or two. Because they're volunteers and have other commitments, it may take a few days.

Where will my question be posted?

If you are a breast cancer patient, your question will be posted here. If you're a prostate cancer patient, your question will be posted on this page.

Will someone let me know when my question is answered?

If you provide an email address, we will notify you when the answer to your question is posted. If you didn't provide an email address, please check back to see if your question and answer have been posted.

Questions are being answered for only breast and prostate cancer. Can I submit a question regarding another cancer condition such as leukemia?

Currently, we're accepting questions for only breast and prostate cancer but we hope to include other conditions over time.

Who should I contact if I have a suggestion or question about this service?

Please use our Contact Us form and include the words "online peer support" in your submission.