April Keener


Social worker
Avid traveler and collector of stories

  • (415) 353-9600
  • (415) 353-9600

April Keener is a social worker who cares for patients with cancer as they navigate treatment. She works as part of an interdisciplinary team, providing psychosocial support and advocacy for patients, families and caregivers facing the emotional and practical consequences of a cancer diagnosis.

Keener earned a master's degree from the University of Alabama School of Social Work. She is passionate about social justice, particularly with regard to health care issues, and completed an internship in Washington, DC, where she engaged in policy advocacy with members of Congress and the National Association of Social Workers.

I am passionate about health care both on the individual level, caring for patients as they navigate their cancer journeys, and on the national stage.

Clinics I work with

Gynecologic Surgical Oncology Clinic

Bakar Precision Cancer Medicine Building

1825 Fourth St., Sixth Floor
San Francisco, CA 94158

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