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Maria Esteli Garcia



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Feb 05, 2021
Sep 30, 2020
my health care provider Dr. Maria Garcia. she is the best Dr. I've had since I've been a patientat UCSF! My experience with her is GREAT!
Sep 11, 2020
I was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Garcia spent as much time 40 minutes as she did. Surprising for a clinic visit. This was a new patient appointment so this is probably why it was not rushed.
Apr 07, 2020
dr Garcia is great!
Mar 14, 2020
I ended up getting almost no information about the condition I came in for.
Nov 14, 2019
Aug 16, 2019
Dr. Garica is thoughtful and empathetic. She is a great listener!
Jul 02, 2019
I had the best experience with Dr. Garcia that I have ever had with a doctor.
Jun 25, 2019
Dr. Garcia was very good...