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Marlys Fassett


Physician-scientist originally from the upper Midwest

  • Education

    Harvard Medical School - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MD, PhD, 2011

  • Residencies

    UCSF, Dermatology, 2015

  • Board Certifications

    Dermatology, American Board of Dermatology

  • Academic Title

    Assistant Professor

Dermatology allows me to use my training in several disciplines – art, music and scientific research – to provide the best possible care to patients.

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    Overall Experience
    144 Ratings
    About our process
    Feb 04, 2023
    Dr Fassett is wonderful
    Jan 13, 2023
    Dr Fassett was an amazing doctor! She listened and answered all of my questions. She was very knowledgeable and patient waiting to be sure that I didn't have any more questions. She was caring and concerned as she preformed minor surgery. Overall I'd say she was outstanding!!! Very good doctor.
    Jan 13, 2023
    The care provider is amazing
    Jan 07, 2023
    Dr. Fassett is a compassionate and an effective doctor. I trust her and her ability to appropriately deal with my issues. I am very thankful to be under her care.
    Dec 09, 2022
    She is an excellent doctor; the best!!
    Nov 20, 2022
    She is my favorite doctor!!
    Oct 19, 2022
    She is the BEST. Has solvd propblems that other -- for years-- could not. I hope to have her for my doctor forever!!!!
    Sep 18, 2022
    Overbooked and rushed follow up instructions never sent to Mychart long wait resulted in very expensive parking charge. Several things the doctor was going to examine were not done. Liked the doctor blame the system not the doctor or staff.
    Sep 04, 2022
    Dr Fassett is prompt helpful extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. I also benefited from the team approach having the leading expert on my condition review my records and then worked with DrFassett.
    Aug 26, 2022
    Basically came in hoping to get my problems resolved but unfortunately I had to be referred to another dermatologist to get minor things done that I thought I could've gotten here at the dermatologist.
    Aug 14, 2022
    Care provider was thoughtful friendly and obviously very skilled--the most important factor for me.
    Aug 13, 2022
    Very kind and professional doctor. Great bedside manner!
    Aug 12, 2022
    I love Dr Fassett
    Jul 29, 2022
    She's too popular to want to recommend anymore!! Marlys is the best!!!
    Jul 24, 2022
    Dr Fassett is an excellent and caring physician.
    Jul 18, 2022
    Dr. Fassett is amazing. She is an outstanding doctor.
    Jul 17, 2022
    Dr. Fassett was excellwet. She did more for me in 15 minutes than three other dermatologists did in more than two years! Again five stars and would recommend her in a flash.
    Jul 16, 2022
    Excellent communicator. I am very confident and comfortable in her care.
    Jul 16, 2022
    Dr Fassett pours her attention and care towards my itching as if it were her own meaning she CARES about me in a way that is palpable. Plus she has a great sense of humor!
    Jul 16, 2022
    Past visits were good but this visit was terrible no consideration or courtesy at this visit afaff more concern of Doctor running behind or lunch break that no cmunicationjust have to reschedule due to my not being on time. When in fact I have waited numerous times for the doctors. This is so wrong and tell me you can do something about this concern?!
    Jul 15, 2022
    Dr Fassett was the consummate dermatologist.
    Jul 15, 2022
    Visit was rushed. Everything was going so fast I forgot to ask the doctor to look at two areas of concern. And I should not have to do that. I feel that the doctor should check my whole body without me asking her to do that.
    Jun 08, 2022
    She was amazing. I immediately felt at ease and confident in her care.
    May 20, 2022
    I felt I was being cared for by family.
    May 04, 2022
    Provider has suggested a B3 vitamin as an experiment to reduce skin carcinoma. Seems to be a good idea for the last 6 months as no new BCC s have occurred.
    Apr 15, 2022
    Professional and courteous in every way. I come to UCSF for world class care and the service is usual very good (flawless this time). That's a bonus
    Mar 23, 2022
    Mar 11, 2022
    Provider was very informative and caring.
    Dec 11, 2021
    The provider is knowledgeable respectful and clearly cares. However during this appointment the provider diagnosed me with a new autoimmune condition. She did not explain anything about the condition. I had to ask questions which she then answered. This is exhausting to do especially when in shock about new diagnosis and mental/emotional impact of getting this news. As someone with complex medical history and dealing with several new diagnoses this was especially hard. I was still taking in the diagnosis and did not have the capacity to ask all the relevant questions. It is much better standard of care for the provider to explain the diagnosis ask the patient if/what they know about the condition explain future trajectory possible complications treatment options etc. The provider did none of theses. She briefly answered a couple of questions that I could come up with in the moment (I have all these open questions around future trajectory complications treatment options). She offered one treatment that she wants me to try without naming other possibilities or options (including non-treatment) and pros and cons of each.
    Dec 11, 2021
    Dr. Fassett did a great job. She put me at ease discussing and during the examination of a sensitive area for me. She was excellent in explanations and communicated clearly the information that was important for me to know.
    Aug 25, 2021
    Dr. Fassett is a remarkable doctor both in knowledge and disposition. I feel very fortunate to have her as my dermatologist.
    Jun 29, 2021
    they forgot to give me the written instructions for aftercare but dr Fassett had already told me what to do. I was the last patient I may have gone out the wrong door and could not see the nurse
    Jun 24, 2021
    Dr. Fassett sees literally hundreds of patients a year. The last time I saw her was two years ago. She obviously reviewed my chart in advance of my appt. as she walked in and greeted me with warm familiarity. This is so meaningful -- to not simply feel like one extra body that she's caring for and surveying for a dermatological appt. She referenced our specific conversation 2 years ago and was open and conversational. I so appreciate the time she takes to ensure I feel welcome and seen as an individual (and returning) patient.
    Jun 03, 2021
    There were lots to understand in the follow up so we emailed and got it straightened out
    May 28, 2021
    Doctor was incredibly kind and personable made me feel at ease made me feel safe as a trans person
    May 26, 2021
    VERY pleased with this relatively new-to-me dermatologist who took extra care to find good outcomes & treatment plans for conditions I have.
    May 24, 2021
    The outstanding quality of the doctors have been the single reason I've remained a UCSF patient for 20+ years. I've always wished that the non-medical staff can improve in both quality and service but I've seen little improvements.
    May 19, 2021
    I was pleased with the visit; i will recommend Dr. Fassett to any friend who has a need to consult with a very competent dermatologist; i will also visit her for any issues involving dermatology and i will also plan to visit her for my annual exam.