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Andrea Jackson



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May 20, 2020
Great provider and excellent care. This was my first visit with the provider and my first virtual appointment. Everything exceeded my expectations and I felt heard and cared for as a patient!
Jan 23, 2020
Dr. Jackson's professionalism and bedside manner were outstanding
Nov 19, 2019
Dr. jackson is amazing! although the time is limited you wouldn't be able to tell she makes me feel at ease and free to Express more my concerns and diliengently discusses a plan to address them.
Oct 22, 2019
The absolute best most transparent intuitive and compassionate provider I have ever had in my life.
Aug 01, 2019
Both Dr. Jackson and the Nurse-Midwife I spoke to provided compassionate thorough and evidence-based care. They listened to my concerns treated me as a partner in my own health and quickly adjusted to my level of knowledge about the issue.
Jul 18, 2019
Dr. Jackson is very good knowledgable and professional. She never seems like she is in a rush and takes the time to answer all my questions. She's very caring and kind easy to talk to.
Jul 18, 2019
I was surprised and confused by the fact that the doctor didn't do a pelvic examination. I told her that I had had a pap smear the year before with my former doctor so I didn't expect her to do the pap smear again. However I have always thought it standard for my gyn doctor to do a physical pelvic examination. I really felt like the doctor was rushing through the visit.
Apr 11, 2019
Dr. Jackson was incredibly supportive and truly cared about my issue and was invested in helping me. She had the best bedside manner I've experienced at UCSF. I am glad I met her.
Dec 06, 2018
I am a health insurance broker and will refer Dr. Jackson to anyone looking for an OB/Gyn. I feel the same way about Dr. [name redacted] my PCP and all of the other doctors to whom I have referred clients ([names redacted]).