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Sep 24, 2021
Everything taken care of in a friendly efficient way. Great jab from nurse who administered flu vaccine! First time ever I've experienced almost no pain/soreness in arm post-vaccination! Great lesson that injection technique can make all the difference.
Sep 18, 2021
Since this was my first visit with my PC much of the time was collecting data about me and getting to know me. Physical exam was very sparse. Not sure if that is the norm these days but my last PC was more hands on.
Sep 13, 2021
My care team is always concerned about my health witch feels great
Sep 09, 2021
Dr Griffiths is sensitive knowledgeable listens well to concerns and responds with appropriate solutions answers etc
May 25, 2021
There was only the best most professional and friendly experience.
May 23, 2021
It was the first time I met this provider since my old one finished his residency but I am consistently happy with the doctors I've seen at UCSF and this was no exception. I expect that now that we've discussed my medical history she will know what to look for changes to in follow-ups.
May 22, 2021
I think we did not have enough time together to speak about solutions.I hope we can discuss this at our next appointment! I felt very cared for and look forward to our next visit re solutions.
May 12, 2021
I have already recommended this care provider. I have had my husband transfer over to her care & have recommended her to friends who were looking for a smart attentive & caring internist.
May 04, 2021
My care provider Dr Griffiths is wonderful. I have quite a lot of trust in her and she is very responsive and empathetic with issues I raise.
May 01, 2021
spent extended time for complex problem; immediately but lab and radiology orders in chart so I could get tests immediately.
Apr 21, 2021
Dr. Griffiths' care & input was extremely helpful; she considered all of the issues tests recent symptoms etc. & enabled me to make the decisions & take the right steps to optimize my health care & wellness. I am most appreciative.
Apr 11, 2021
Dr. Griffiths was very attentive and addressed concerns about the UCSF process for overall health care and the assignment of a primary care physician
Apr 08, 2021
great provider!
Jan 17, 2021
outstanding care and excellent clinical judgement from a wonderful physician who correctly pursued some symptoms that were not adding up. I am very thankful.
Jan 15, 2021
best Primary Care Physician I've ever had and I've had many over my 66 years
Nov 27, 2020
Dr. Griffiths is an exceptionally competent internist and physician. I feel most fortunate to have her as my Primary Care Provider.
Nov 22, 2020
See comments on Lab and on having to wait because I arrive early. How about a systems approach???
Oct 01, 2020
Dr. Griffiths was/is professional knowledgeable and friendly.
Sep 06, 2020
The doctor was terrific. This was an introductory appointment and it went very well. My wife will not also try to change to her.
Sep 05, 2020
Dr. Griffiths was very professional
Sep 03, 2020
I personally often miss information at the end of a session. Perhaps written information about risks associated with a medication would be helpful. Medication information is given at the pharmacy but maybe risks can be presented by the care provider for me to decide whether to take the medication (if symptoms are mild or improving).
Aug 11, 2020
I feel very lucky to be in Dr. Griffiths' care.
Aug 08, 2020
Dr Griffiths is an excellent and caring provider
Aug 04, 2020
I like Ms. Griffiths she is thoughtful and nice to talk too
Aug 02, 2020
Dr. Griffiths showed extreme compassion for a matter of serious nature to me that was not 100% "medical" but certainly "health" oriented.
May 30, 2020
Dr. Griffiths is an extremely knowledgeable physician who listens intently and provides excellent care.
May 22, 2020
All great experience!
May 03, 2020
Excellent experience during this visit.
Apr 04, 2020
Dr Griffiths is a fabulous provider. She has always recently reviewed my health history and asks all the pertinent questions about my current condition. She always has me describe first what I'm experiencing in my own words then follows up with targeted questions. She completely explains the plan of care and the follow up to be had (labs imaging medications). As a nurse at UCSF I interact with a lot of providers and I have to say Dr Griffiths goes above and beyond. I feel so lucky to have found her as my general practitioner.
Feb 27, 2020
she's awesome
Feb 26, 2020
Dr. Griffiths is an excellent provider
Jan 30, 2020
Dr. Griffiths is outstanding. She clearly has a great deal of substance and has attempted to understand my needs as a patient so that I can understand options and make informed choices about my health and treatment. She is very clear and straight forward and she seems willing to honestly answer questions. She has gained my trust. I also appreciate her willingness to express disagreement in a constructive way that helps me to understand her reasoning based on her knowledge and experience. I would recommend Dr. Griffiths to family and friends without hesitation.
Jan 30, 2020
i was late for the new patient appointment and Dr. Griffiths fit me in for a shorter appointment and was kind and patient during the appointment.
Nov 26, 2019
I love my doctor. she is excellent.