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Oct 10, 2020
The outcome of the surgery was very good.
Sep 28, 2020
have not yet tried any communications via the computer--which I do not use now though I am pretty good at my iPhone
Jul 13, 2020
Dr. Jablons has giving me the best care. This will be the second time having surgery with him. I would recommend him to all
May 17, 2020
all good
Apr 02, 2020
Dr Jablons was positive and easy to understand. I liked him immediately.
Mar 19, 2020
I'm very confident going into surgery with this provider.
Feb 20, 2020
Very interested in my medical problem and explained how to address it n language that was understandable.
Feb 07, 2020
Dr. Jablons has an incredible bedside manner. He is present engaged and compassionate.
Jan 15, 2020
I am so grateful for finally getting to Dr. Jablons. No complaints here
Jan 08, 2020
I have just recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and this was my first time meeting with Dr Jablons. Being new to the arena of cancer I think it expected and understandable that some of the verbiage related to the science of treatments and studies might be outside of my scope of understanding. having said that We (my wife and I) felt we got the germane points we needed. we felt encouraged and feeling very confident in our choice for moving forward with Dr. Jablons and his staff as my provider.
Dec 11, 2019
very professional
Jul 30, 2019
1 hour wait to see the doctor
Jul 11, 2019
Technically he couldn't be where he is he weren't excellent. I am referring above to what is often called "bedside manner."
Jun 12, 2019
Confidence in his surgeon skills; but not his effort in getting to know me or my unique complex medical history.
Jun 01, 2019
very good experience
May 13, 2019
I checked fair for friendliness because he shook our hands when he came in. It wasn't until a week later that I realized he never told me what the spot in my lung is. He just said based on my family history and that I'm a former smoker take it out. His assistants told me how long I'd be in the hospital but said nothing about recovery. The paperwork they gave me said to stop taking blood thinning medication 5 days before surgery. He told me to stop taking it now - 20 days before surgery. We were told that they would help by making arrangements for me to have testing done in my home town 250 miles away. 8 days later I discovered they did not instead referring me to UCSF. The nurse's response "well the computer does that automatically. We can change that with 2 clicks". If you say you will do something and you don't please don't blame it on the computer.
Mar 28, 2019
There was a long wait after Dr. [name redacted] saw me to when Dr. Jablons came in with 4 other persons. It was a bit intimidating.
Mar 20, 2019
Dr Jablons explained things extraordinarily well. The entire visit was highly educational (and comforting)
Feb 23, 2019
too soon to tell how much confidence I have in provider after only a brief consultation.