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Aug 22, 2020
Dr. Lin has been my doctor for many many years and I cannot imagine going to any other practitioner. She is simply fantastic in all ways. She always has current detailed thoughtful advice whenever I have questions about my healthcare or health in general. She is patient listens thoroughly and gives clear helpful options when I ask her advice on any medical topic. She never seems rushed and always gives me as much time as I need to discuss whatever concerns I have. Absolutely exemplary physician and human being. So thankful for her!!
Jun 25, 2020
Jun 15, 2020
Dr Grace Lin is the best primary care provider I ever had. I feel blessed that she my provider for many years. She is competent considerate intelligent friendly supportive and kind. She knows me and she cares about me. Thank you Dr. Lin from the bottom of my heart.
Oct 05, 2019
Grace Lin is a wonderful physician. I've been her patient for many years and am deeply thankful for her ongoing support accessibility at any time I have a question or concern sense of humor and positive friendly communication style! She is deeply knowledgeable about medicine and can explain medical matters in terms that make sense to me. She is practical in her advice and presents material in a balanced way that lets me see the options and possible outcomes of any choice.
May 18, 2019
Dr. Lin is very compassionate informative friendly efficient; nothing to fault; she is an excellent primary care provide; and I feel lucky to have help me
May 11, 2019
I chose dr Lin because she provides superb care for my wife
Apr 06, 2019
Dr. Grace Lin isan outstanding provider. competent intelligent respectful friendly. I am [number redacted] years old and I met quite a few providers in my life. Dr. Lin is the best provider I ever met and I consider my health to be in a great shape in big part because of her care. Thank you Dr. Lin!
Feb 04, 2019
Dr. Lin is the best provider I ever had and the best provider anybody could wish for. She is my provider for many years and she knows and remembers me -- that is crucial in the doctor-patient relationship. I trust her completely. She is absolutely competent calm respectful thorough. She listens offers multiple options describes completely and thoroughly concerns procedures side effects etc. Her main goal is preventive medicine. She immediately responds to my questions via MyChart. Her score should be 11 on the scale 1 to 10. I consider myself lucky to have to Dr. Lin as my provider for so many years.