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Ian McCoy



Overall Experience
62 reviews
About our process
Dec 16, 2021
The doctor was thorough about explaining changes my body had undergone due to my medical condition and changes to my treatment that were helpful.
May 06, 2021
very good
Apr 28, 2021
Very caring and personal.felt he cared about me as a person. This was my first visit
Apr 24, 2021
Feb 10, 2021
It was fairly complicated (start this new med get a blood test one week later don't start it until you can be sure to get the appointment for me bloodwork) but it was explained repeatedly which was great. Also I had a detailed somewhat off-topic question and the Dr. answered it fully much relieving my concerns. (BP meter)
Feb 06, 2021
will need zome.follow up classification to timing of multiple labs
Jan 28, 2021
Provider gave directions for 3 separate urine collections but only entered orders for 2 of 3. This led to a considerable waste of time+effort when I went to drop off 2 of the 3 samples - the lab didn't know what to do since the missing order wasn't there. It then took the clinic 30m to read the provider's 2-sentence instructions to determine that an order was missing and to give me an order but did not offer to let me give the sample at the clinic like I had done on the day of the visit. When I went back to the lab they asked me why I hadn't just given the sample at the clinic. A tiny oversight led to a really unpleasant experience.
Oct 08, 2020
Dr. McCoy really listened to my concerns. I had some questions about my blood pressure and my kidneys and he was very re-assuring and empathetic.
Oct 03, 2020
Dr McCoy is professional kind compassionate approachable positive attitude and great bedside manners. He is awesome. As an internal customer and a RN at UCSF he is amazing!
Aug 08, 2020
brilliant espousals & brite suggests & amazing characters well suited for th gig
Jul 25, 2020
Extremely professional but friendly and attentive. He listened to me and engage in a discussion. He shared his knowledge but did not lecture me. I am very confident in the care he has provided.