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May 31, 2021
I was advised to schedule a EUS in 6 months as a follow up. My condition of collagenous colitis was explained to me rather vaguely compared to what I had hoped to receive but that may just be the nature of the illness.
Apr 07, 2021
We drove a very long way for this appointment. We got 10 minutes with the doctor. What he discussed with us didn't really seem to help us. I'm not sure we will be coming back.
Mar 24, 2021
I should have scheduled to see the nurse practitioner instead of the doctor because the appointment would have been sooner instead of 2 months down the road. The nurse practitioner really took all my medical history and problems and the doctor just reviewed them before he walked in to see me. All the follow up procedures were suggested and ordered by the nurse practitioner.
Oct 21, 2020
Dr Ostroff is the most professional doctor I have ever had!!
Sep 17, 2020
from the 10-15 minutes of first time meeting the doctor I do not feel confident or heard that my problems were fully addressed.
Sep 01, 2020
Although I need a "surgical stretch" this was an informative and (nearly) pleasant visit...
Aug 12, 2020
Dr Ostroff the best there is
Jun 17, 2020
I think I might catch the virus on his unit if I hand around with him and his crew for any length of time. I was so disappointed in my med school. But I should have known.
Feb 07, 2020
bad experience
Jan 10, 2020
good experience
Dec 28, 2019
15 min in the room for a consultation. 10 min talking to me which included a very abbreviated discussion of history and why there. 3-5 min on personal phone calls. I waited months to obtain this appt and it was clear the Dr wanted to leave clinic early. He repeated this phrase "so you don't want to do anything now right?". I repeatedly said "I did not say that; I don't know what my options are and that's why I'm here". He gave a list of tests and interventions (which maybe included surgery but I didn't understand). I explained "I don't know what those mean. I don't know what that list means" and the reply was "so you are telling me you don't want to do anything now right?". He told me to return in 10 weeks. I asked what the difference would be in 10 weeks could we talk about symptoms and options now that I'm there for the appt. He did not offer more explanation or discussion. Said to come back in 10 weeks. What a waste of time. I do not know why it took months and months to get this appt when nothing happened. The staff made the appt then called to offer appt with an NP. I returned the call for the NP appt but no one has called back in over a week. I will not return.
Dec 12, 2019
Dr Ostroff is legendary a brilliant specialist I have seen since 1977!
Nov 15, 2019
excellent dr
Aug 23, 2019
Dr Ostroff excellent