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Jan 06, 2022
Dr. Stewart would rank in the top 5 physicians I have ever known. He is amazing and frankly I have asked him questions outside the eye because he has such good judgment.
Dec 04, 2021
Dec 01, 2021
Excellent care
Nov 17, 2021
Dr. Stewart is a busy man. I don't expect him to chat needlessly with me or other patients. I have seen him for five years and I like him and his nurse and others I have contact with. I no longer drive but they have been able to treat my illness. I can read on the phone use the computer I think I am lucky to be treated by an outstanding team!
Nov 11, 2021
Dr Stewart is terrific
Oct 29, 2021
Very good
Oct 10, 2021
Busy clinic excellent care more than competent team.
Sep 21, 2021
Dr Stewart was one of the most caring doctors I've ever encountered. He explained my diagnosis using graphics to aid in understanding listened to all my concerns and answered every question I had with consideration and detail.
Sep 17, 2021
Dr Stewart always has me in his best interest this visit he gave me a tip about my eye drops and it has definitely worked. I am so grateful for him
Aug 21, 2021
Dr Stewart is the best Dr. In his field Im so happy I was able to get treatment with him.
Aug 21, 2021
Competency evident communication clear what is known and not known shared clearly referral made for additional specialty consult.
Jul 16, 2021
Dr. Stewart was truly excellent in all respects. I am very grateful to have been able to see him for my very concerning eye problem.
Jun 18, 2021
Dr. Stewart is the best! I feel lucky to have him taking care of my challenging vision problem. He is an exceptional physician and surgeon and also kind and compassionate. I feel listened to and involved in my treatment.
Jun 10, 2021
Dr. Stewart has shown tremendous concern in addressing my eye problems.
May 27, 2021
I am so impressed with Dr. Stewart. I am extremely grateful to be under his care. I am also impressed with how his office is run. I saw him several times on this visit as testing progressed and heard about test results and saw some imaging and received an analysis and and then went on to a further test. Then proceeded throughput smoothly and efficiently. Then at the end of the visit I saw Dr. Stewart again to go over the plan. to hear about a volunteer opportunity which I was happen to agree to. This visit could not have been better. The office works smoothly I hear short exchanges which are always respectful and low key and although I can't hear what is said exactly I have the sense of a happy calm reassuring to me bee-have. There is sort of an unheard hum to the office throughout. It keeps me feeling I am in the best place to be. Thank you to everyone. I am concerned about my eye issues and every single person I came in contact with made me feel calm and even happy being in the office despite my anxiety about my vision outside the office I just feel OK I am getting the best care so not to worry right now with all these kind people.
May 27, 2021
Very clear concise.
May 13, 2021
I cannot recommend Dr. Jay Stewart highly enough!
Apr 29, 2021
Apr 23, 2021
Dr. Stewart was extremely patient with the loud patient (so I could hear the whole discussion) he saw before me and even though this put him behind by the time he saw me he answered my questions even though I volunteered to let them wait until the next appt. I really appreciate/respect Dr. Stewart for both of those actions
Apr 03, 2021
It's difficult to recommend too many things when a person is losing their eye sight....
Mar 18, 2021
Dr Stewart is probably the only doctor I truly trust. He is honest straight forward kind and funny I feel like I am I the best of hands
Mar 04, 2021
Feb 25, 2021
Dr. Stewart is a very gifted practitioner.
Jan 23, 2021
decent and good experience
Jan 14, 2021
Dr. Stewart is exceptional. Compassionate patient and caring. He explained the complexity of my eye disease in readily understandable terms without a hint of impatience. I was treated with great respect - even though I asked lots of questions and perhaps not all of them were intelligible. The news I received was not "good" but there was obvious compassion in the room both from Dr. Stewart and his assisting physician.
Dec 15, 2020
Dr. Stewart continues to give me excellent care. I am so grateful.
Dec 07, 2020
His assistant the resident doctor is very good too.
Oct 22, 2020
I indicated that the chance I would make a referral to this provider was fair was because he is a specialist that many people might not need to see.
Oct 02, 2020
Excellent practice.
Sep 14, 2020
gratitude for prior treatment of multiple retinal tears and excellent f/u care. I have referred others to Jay Stewart MD
Sep 10, 2020
Dr Stewart is amazing at explaining medical terms very patient kind and caring. He is the reason why I am at UCSF Ophthalmology dept rather than Stanford
Aug 27, 2020
Dr Stewart is an exception doctor.
Aug 27, 2020
Dr. Stewart is an exceptional physician. I have gotten similar care and treatment at another facility (geographically different) and so have a considerable basis for comparison. Dr. Stewart is more engaged attentive and observant than any of the other physicians with whom I have had experience with this recurrent treatment. Dr. Stewart pays very close attention to the results of the treatment allowing for adjustments to the process. He is thoughtful creative and able to identify and solve assorted problems. I'm extremely impressed with and grateful for his clinical skills. In addition to the actual comparisons of different providers with respect to these specific procedures I grew up in a medical family so have been socialized to generally notice and appreciate the details of clinical care. I am familiar with the features that distinguish poor adequate and superb medical practice. As a consequence of all of these factors I am confident in my high estimation of Dr. Stewart. He's a superb practitioner.
Aug 20, 2020
From my observations this is a busy doctor.. not sure how he could spend any extra time with a patient; he does the best he can with the alloted time.
Aug 12, 2020
dr Stewart is the best Dr in every way that I have ever had
Aug 07, 2020
good experience
Jul 27, 2020
I have had appointments with Dr. Stewart since 2014. I am so grateful for his care and for my eyesight. I am grateful to him everyday for being able to drive read sew and see.
Jul 20, 2020
Dr. Stewart goes above and beyond to explain and is genuinely concerned for you. He is so knowledgeable that I feel totally confident in him.
May 22, 2020
This was my very first time having Dr. Stewart as a care provider. I felt it all went successfully well.
May 20, 2020
good experience
May 14, 2020
I am a long-time patient and grateful for his care for me.
May 06, 2020
he forwarded results of test to other eye dr.
Apr 24, 2020
I feel fortunate to have Dr. Stewart for my complex retina issues. He is knowledgeable caring articulate and very skilled.