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Nov 26, 2020
i had an urgent potential cancerous skin lesion and dr shinkai fit me into her schedule quickly and did a biopsy after diagnosing the situation. she is the greatest!
Nov 05, 2020
I wish the appointments could be longer than 10 minutes so it would be less rushed and I don't need to schedule more appointments.
Oct 15, 2020
Aug 11, 2020
Dr. Shinkai is a fantastic dermatologist who truly cares about her patients.
Jul 30, 2020
Dr. Shinkai is one of the best doctors I have ever had. I am lucky she is my doctor.
Jul 14, 2020
I felt very comfortable with the doctor and the staff with the precautions in place for an appointment during COVID 19. The doctor was kind knowledgeable and informative. She was also thorough and answered all of my questions and concerns regarding moles and skin issues.
Jul 12, 2020
I have the utmost respect and confidence in Dr. Shinkai
Jul 02, 2020
Dr Shinkai is the first dermatologist EVER who takes my skin issues seriously. I really appreciate it.
Jun 20, 2020
Excellent care in every way
Jun 11, 2020
Dr. Shinkai is an excellent clinician and human being!
Jun 09, 2020
Dr. Shinkai is a caring and wonderful doctor.
Jun 03, 2020
I love telehealth and think you should encourage more appointments via telehealth.
May 26, 2020
I have full confidence in the medical expertise of Dr. Shinkai and as importantly I have excellent rapport with her and feel she cares about me as a person.
May 11, 2020
I was very impressed that she took the time to explain everything to me thoroughly.
May 09, 2020
Dr. Shinkai was so great the experience was really wonderful
May 05, 2020
really knowledgeable about all Derm related issues
Apr 03, 2020
dr. shinkai is an excellent physician. I'm very thankful she's my dermatologist.
Mar 14, 2020
She was great for conventional medicine. I guess I was hoping for knowledge of alternative/holistic approaches in combination with conventional medicine. The focus was on treating symptoms but not the underlying issues causing the symptoms.
Mar 05, 2020
Dr. Shinkai is excellent in every way!
Mar 03, 2020
Dr. Shinkai is fantastic. See earlier comments
Feb 19, 2020
Doctor is very efficient but more importantly thorough; and provides alternatives.
Feb 13, 2020
Dr. Shinkai is the best!!
Dec 22, 2019
Dr. was running very behind and wanted to get in and out as quick as possible. Wasn't interested at all in discussing health issue. Seemed to get offended that I had questions. Spoke down to me saying what was written in mychart was "academic." This came across as her implying I didn't understand what was written so it wasn't worth discussing wth me.
Dec 08, 2019
Dr Shinkai is exceptional
Nov 27, 2019
she is great
Nov 26, 2019
Probably one of the best - if not the best - doctor I've ever had: takes time and care to check thoroughly discuss my skin address options etc. Absolutely love Dr. Shinkai.
Nov 22, 2019
Provider seemed a bit distracted which sometimes happens when schedule gets so tight.
Oct 30, 2019
Dr. Shinkai is the best dermatologist!
Oct 22, 2019
Dr. Shinkai is an excellent doctor. She explained the need to biopsy a lesion on my nose and discussed the treatment if it was a cancerous lesion.
Sep 29, 2019
Dr. Shinkai was terrific in every respect. Knowledgeable direct friendly confident.
Sep 29, 2019
I have great confidence in Dr. Shinkai and I did recommend her to a friend however his insurance would not allow the transfer. She found skin cancer that I did not even notice as an issue this routine care and the biopsy confirmed her diagnosis. My condition would be a lot worse if I did not have the most competent dermatologist doctor Dr. Shinkai. Thank you
Sep 25, 2019
Dr Shinkai is an excellent doctor who seriously cares for her patients. She explains everything that she does and makes sure that any surgery she requests goes well. I couldn't ask for a better dermatologist.
Sep 11, 2019
Dr. Kanade Shinkai is absolutely fabulous. Knowledgeable friendly professional and courteous.
Aug 25, 2019
Dr. Shinkai has amazing bed side manners she is attentive caring and knowledgeable. she knows my needs well and she always listens
Aug 04, 2019
dr shinkai was outstanding in making room in her schedule to see me with an urgent problem with a lesion that started bleeding. she's great.
Jul 23, 2019
Dr. Shinkai is one of my best doctors ever.
Jul 14, 2019
Dr Shinkai showed professional skilland compassion.
Jul 02, 2019
Can't answer the last question because this bright physician may prove to be a far different person when she's not 40-50 minutes behind for a 10-minute appointment and at the end of the day when who knows what important personal commitments she may have.
Jun 27, 2019
Doctor Shinkai is one of The Best Doctors at UCSF !Doctor who listens !Doctor who cares !Doctor who HELPS !
Jun 25, 2019
Dr. Shinkai is an amazing doctor and we are so lucky to have her as our dermatologist.
Jun 20, 2019
Dr Shinkai provided helpful information during and after when I emailed her due to irritation from bandaids. She recommended an alternative which resolved the issue immediately. She also called me and left a message with the pathology results as soon as available. I had been very worried so I appreciated her leaving a message and sending me a message on my chart as well
Jun 20, 2019
Dr. Shinkai is wonderful. I think she is likely to catch any derm issues before they get out of control.
Jun 15, 2019
Love all my providers at UCSF.
Jun 02, 2019
Dr. Shinkai is the best in all areas I would not want to see anyone else. She is the Best Doctor overall. She truely cares about you and is passionate about her work.
May 31, 2019
As a UCSF patient and employee the providers I have seen at the dermatology clinic have been the best at diagnosis and treatment. I fully trust my Dr. Shinkai's judgement and also felt very comfortable with her. There was no wait time and overall it was the most pleasant doctor's appointment I have had in years.
May 31, 2019
was very impressed with the Dr. I will schedule future appointments with her.
Apr 23, 2019
complete confidence in provider so glad she exists!!!
Apr 23, 2019
Dr. Shinkai is the most professional and caring physician. I trust her completely.
Apr 08, 2019
Dr. Shinkai is the best!!!
Apr 07, 2019
this doctor is my dermatologist not my primary care internist. she did a thorough exam with full body scan. she arranged for future dermatology chemical light treatment and follow up appt in 6 months. she did not discuss my meds in previous three months as my meds were prescribed for post op ortho and other primary care issues.
Apr 04, 2019
Dr. Shinkai is fantastic easily the best dermatologist in the city.
Mar 30, 2019
Dr. Shinkai has shown personal care in trying to help me with the skin cancer problem and has recommended a different method since other treatments haven't been as successful as she and I would like. really appreciated.
Mar 28, 2019
Dr. Shinkai was outstanding. She listened carefully she explained everything and she followed up as promised. She took the time to talk to me at length. I highly recommend her to my friends
Mar 27, 2019
Dr. Shinkai is amazing! She is caring compassionate and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.
Mar 21, 2019
Dr. Shinkai is highly knowledgeable and kind and provided the finest experience in patient care. She leaves one with the feeling of absolute confidence in her knowledge and her concern for one's treatment/care.
Mar 20, 2019
Dr Shinkai is always very nice and explains everything in a manner that I can understand. She obviously is concerned about her patients well being and health. she also takes the time to call you immediately with any test results.
Mar 08, 2019
The doctor was excellent. I would definitely recommend her highly to others and be very happy to see her again.
Feb 21, 2019
I saw a Dr. Shinkai a few years ago and then my problem came back again so I wanted to make an appointment with Dr. Shinkai again. I waited until her next available appointment because I wanted to see her specifically.
Jan 30, 2019
I have complete confidence in Dr. Shinkai.
Jan 29, 2019
Dr. Shinkai is an excellent care provider. She shows compassion yet 'takes care of business'. I would highly highly recommend her.