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Lawrence H. Fong



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Aug 05, 2021
Dr Fong is always very polite and respectful.
Apr 02, 2021
Dr. Fong is the best. He is the Top Gun
Nov 28, 2020
The sessions are very efficient. I come with a list of a few questions of interest to me regarding my cancer and the good doctor has the answers that are directly on point to explain the "issues" I feel that I'm in very good hands
Sep 10, 2020
Dr. Fong is a great doctor. I feel comfortable talking with him and he listens. I wish he would have spent more time discussing the side effects of treatment.
Aug 20, 2020
Dr. Fong was excellent but the video and voice was experiencing low bandwidth issues and some of the voice was garbled making conversation difficult.
Jun 05, 2020
Dr. Fong is a Prince of a Man/Doctor!!
Apr 23, 2020
Dr. Fong is an excellent care provider for my prostate issues. I have complete confidence in him
Jan 23, 2020
Dr. Larry Fong is the penultimate medical practitioner and should serve as an example to other healthcare givers.
Jan 16, 2020
I wish the provider spend more time talking about medications and side effects