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Lee A. Tan



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Mar 24, 2022
An excellent experience.
Mar 16, 2022
Dr. Tan was very thorough in explaining my X-rays in detail. That made it easy for me and my husband to make the correct decision in my future care.
Mar 11, 2022
Best doctor/patient experience I have experienced.
Mar 10, 2022
Dr. Tan and team explained all in layman's terms.My entire experience was very good the best I have witnessed and recently retired from a valley hospital.
Mar 09, 2022
My bad; I forgot to ask. Dr likely did not feel It needed to be covered In this visit. I suspect It will be provided on pre-op visit.
Mar 04, 2022
As per prior note Dr Tan is both technically superb as a surgeon but is also a kind & caring physician in general.
Feb 17, 2022
Dr. Tan was both informative about my options both pro and con. Unlike some Drs. I have dealt with in the past he actually listened to my concerns and didn't hesitate to give in depth answers.
Feb 10, 2022
One of the more thorough and understandable discussions regarding my condition I have had over the last two (2) years. Thank you Dr. Tan
Feb 08, 2022
I am a retired orthopaedic surgeon and Dr. Tan and I have much in common. I am not his typical patient but my wife is and she thinks he is the best possible! I think he is a superb physician in addition to being a highly experienced surgeon.
Feb 01, 2022
Dr Tan was very helpful through this entire process. Answered all of my questions and was very patient never rushed our conversations . Wonderful doctor
Jan 13, 2022
Very attentive and caring or else I wouldn't have chosen him to be my surgeon for a very tricky operation...I have the utmost faith he'll do the best job he can
Jan 12, 2022
Dr. Tan is an excellent practitioner. I have been a nurse for 45 years and he is among the top doctors for clear thorough easy to understand communicationsI have ever met.
Jan 12, 2022
Thought he was terrific! 10 stars!
Jan 07, 2022
Everything about UCSF is terrific I have nothing but praise for Dr. Tan and all the staff I have dealt with even both of my stays in the hospital for neck surgery were fantastic I have nothing but praise for everyone. I am so grateful for my friend who referred me to UCSF!
Dec 23, 2021
Batting Ave is 1000.
Nov 10, 2021
Provider was ver kind and understanding and very generous with his time toward my concerns.
Nov 03, 2021
This was my fifth surgical consult. I wish it had been my first because it would have saved me a lot of time and energy. Dr. Lee Tan addressed everything I needed to know concerning my condition procedure of treatments the "why" about how treatment would proceed and what recovery would entail. Quit frankly I thought I had a really good understanding of my condition and available treatments Dr. Tan Illustrated options that I had not been made aware of from my previous surgical consults. I am deeply grateful.
Oct 03, 2021
Dr Tan is the the most well prepared thorough Surgeon I have ever met. He pinpointed my problem explaining it in detail and how he could help me. Surgery was total success!!
Sep 23, 2021
Dr. Tan is excellent.
Sep 13, 2021
Sep 13, 2021
Impeccable care
Aug 25, 2021
Dr Tan is wonderful and kind and patient despite our technical difficulties
Aug 20, 2021
Dr. Tan is an outstanding surgeon with outstanding bedside manner as well.
Aug 20, 2021
Excellent in every way. Very satisfied
Aug 09, 2021
Very informative
Jul 16, 2021
No discussion about after care
Jul 09, 2021
These questions are regardig my primary doctor not my surgeon. But this pretty much describes our experiences with the surgeon st UCSF.
Jun 16, 2021
Dr Tan is always understanding of my individual situation & requirements. He and his staff always make me feel like a human not a statistic.
Jun 05, 2021
Everyone I've talked to is so incredibly nice and patient!
Jun 03, 2021
He asked me to follow up as soon as my w/c adjuster authorized the surgery.
Jun 02, 2021
Dr. Tan is very through and has managed my case very well.
May 21, 2021
I am glad that Dr. Tan doesn't go right to surgery as the solution. He wants to do non-surgical methods first to see how I respond to those.
May 11, 2021
Dr. Tan is only concerned about my health when it's related to his specialty. i have multiple issues including a rare genetic disorder and Dr Tan has put minimal effort AT BEST to help guide me to a specialist better suited to my needs. it makes me feel like I'm just a number at the deli counter. as soon as I left the OR I feel like he's treating me as if I'm no longer a priority or his concern. internal referral from specialist to specialist are CRUCIAL to multi-disciplinary treatment yet I had to cry and BEG him to help me . NOT what I expected from UCSF
Apr 29, 2021
Apr 28, 2021
I am a retired orthopaedic surgeon and thus represent a difficult patient for Dr. Tan. His care of me has been exemplary in every way and we are making arrangements for my wife to see him as well.
Apr 22, 2021
plan of action what's to be done next was fully explained
Apr 15, 2021
I'm very impressed. My research indicates I should have been.
Mar 23, 2021
very happy with the care i was given
Mar 12, 2021
so far so good.
Mar 12, 2021
I trust Dr Tan and his team
Mar 10, 2021
Mar 03, 2021
Dr. Tan was outstanding in every respect. He gave me a very thorough neurological exam and showed me the abnormalities on my scans the cause of my symptoms and signs and treatment options.
Mar 03, 2021
Experience has been good and clear.
Feb 03, 2021
everything went so well with my surgery I was surprised!
Jan 08, 2021
Dr. Tan is an exceptionally kind bright caring provider.
Dec 09, 2020
I am so thankful to have such an intelligent and skilled provider.
Dec 02, 2020
we are greatly appreciative of the care we receive every time we have an encounter with this clinic
Dec 02, 2020
I am a surgeon in an allied field (orthopaedics); Dr Tan's care for me was excellent and completely appropriate. He could not have done better.
Nov 25, 2020
I'm confident that this group of care providers can help me get through my upcoming surgery and help me to get back to my best. I feel fortunate to have their help and attention.
Nov 16, 2020
Dr.Tan Lee was very good with explaining my injury needs.
Nov 06, 2020
Dr. Tan is a highly qualified neurosurgeon and was very helpful in explaining my problem and what could be done about it including the risks involved and what to expect going forward.
Nov 06, 2020
The care provider on a prior email stating his second opinion which I sought provided excellent information on my condition and possible remedy's! He included research sites for me to visit to get further information on his recommendations. I was able to get a good handle on the different procedures pertaining to my condition and I really appreciated that! It gave me confidence!
Oct 20, 2020
Oct 18, 2020
I have a great respect for this doctor. He's very respect to me and my family. I like the fact if he sees me not understanding what he is explaining to me he will break it down to me so I understand what he is saying. Dr.Lee Tan has worked on my lower back 2 timesand I can't tell you how appreciative I am that he is going to address my cervical spine issues in this next surgery. Thank you
Oct 06, 2020
good experience
Oct 06, 2020
Dr.Tan is very professional and very kindHe explained everything to my understanding. What a Wonderful Surgeon only bad was at the hospital with one of the nurse putting the drainage pressure up to 110
Sep 21, 2020
I feel extremely confident in this provider's care and treatment. We are talking about surgery that could be very scary. But he sounded so clear and positive that I didn't feel afraid. That is a BIG deal. And I appreciate him immensely for it.
Sep 21, 2020
all above expected.
Sep 18, 2020
dr. tan always listen closely to my questions and concerns. he's very caring and understands
Sep 17, 2020
In America at this time it's unbelievable to get service like is provided by UCSF your Business runs like old school when people cared and showed interest!
Aug 27, 2020
very good experience
Aug 25, 2020
the dr did not ask patient any questions
Aug 16, 2020
I have not had poor experiences with the NP past Drs in the past here in Oregon. I have been ignored refused medications when my pain level has been 10 for years. I would not have made it much longer with the experience knowledge respect understanding of my physical back issues. I am so thankful for the a medical decisions of Dr Tan his assistants and receptionist that understood my physical issues. I have the highest respect for the UCSF staff medical team Dr Tan. They heard me believed me took care of me.
Aug 15, 2020
I like U.C.S.F. and want all future care in regards to my condition done with Dr. Lee Tan.
Aug 06, 2020
I am very satisfied with Dr. Tan he goes well beyond to insure that my needs are met & that I know that he truly does care about my health issues. I am very impressed with Dr. Tan & will definitely recommend him to others.
Jul 23, 2020
Superb physician it's been along time since I've had a Dr. treat me as a human being and not an assembly line patient. Actually all physicians I've come across at UCSF are that way caring they will stay and talk to you until you understand the situation. Thank God for UCSF
Jul 16, 2020
Dr. Lee Tan is awesome !
Jul 11, 2020
I feel fully confident in Dr Tan and respect his assessment of my condition and fitness for surgery.
Jul 10, 2020
Dr. Tan is an excellent communicator. He listens carefully and responds in a positive and thorough manner.
Jul 08, 2020
I can't say enough about how wonderful they really are Thank you
Jun 26, 2020
Telehealth is somewhat cumbersome because it is sometimes difficult to determine when each party is finished speaking.
Jun 04, 2020
i always feel comfortable speaking with Dr. Tan
Jun 03, 2020
I grew up going with and waiting in the car when my dad made house calls as a physician in the 1960s. Things have changed! I am happy that I got to see Dr Tan. He made me feel confident that things will turn out well
May 27, 2020
communication was very good but I do not feel that Telehealth is very effective
May 24, 2020
I could not be more pleased.
May 22, 2020
covered everything a regular office visit would cover including going over my X-rays on screen so I could see what the doctor was basing his recommendations on.