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Maria A. Wamsley



Overall Experience
115 reviews
About our process
Dec 28, 2021
Very professional and knowledgeable
Nov 17, 2021
Dr Wamsley is the very best Primary Care Physician I have ever had.
Oct 25, 2021
I got a referral to Physical Therapy and followed the instructions including: 1) calling for an appointment (I called twice long wait then was asked to leave a message) 2) emailing PT for an appointment and 3) logging in MyChart to schedule an appointment. UCSF website MyChart did not have any links to PT. It has been 4 business days and nobody has contacted me.
Jul 17, 2021
Jun 12, 2021
always explains any changes always very courteous
May 31, 2021
Wamsley is the best doctor. All lab test results and other questions I have are obtained via My Chart which is very convenient.
May 06, 2021
The Provider didn't give me enough time to address multiple problems I wanted to focus on during my visit. I was told that I should only focus on one problem during my visit and had me to choose one that I prefer to focus on. For the other problem I would need to make another appointment to discuss the problem to my Provider.
Apr 29, 2021
No problems even the woman who telephoned 3 times prior to the appointment (I assumed it was one of the nurses; I was running around getting some water and prepping for the appointment so didn't notice the calls sorry) was courteous.
Mar 24, 2021
There was prompt follow up on the recommended care resulting from the visit.
Mar 10, 2021
Excellent experience always in over 25 years of Service!
Feb 24, 2021
I trust my doctor's suggestions and so far it's been right on.
Feb 24, 2021
Dr. Wamsley made good recommendation referring to have a check up with the cardiologist.
Jan 20, 2021
Dr. Wamsley is an excellent doctor and a good person.
Dec 07, 2020
She provided no helpful recommendations nor suggestions concerning my new medical conditions. I felt frustrated sad and upset after my appointment and wanted my Co-pay back. She was nice but the appointment was a complete waste of time.
Nov 19, 2020
Happy and satisfied with my Dr s visit
Aug 31, 2020
Dr. Wamsley is the reason I continue to get my health care at UCSF. She is an extraordinary health care provider and I trust each and every thing she recommends for my health maintenance.
Aug 18, 2020
Aug 07, 2020
It was a great experience!
Jul 29, 2020
the best pcp!
Jul 22, 2020
Jun 25, 2020
easy to communicate with the doctor.
Jun 10, 2020
lab test and results
May 02, 2020
mix up in communication of recommended therapy appointment
Mar 08, 2020
Exceptional care in all aspects.