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Molly Heublein



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Sep 30, 2021
Provider did not tell me what medicine she would prescribe. It did not show up in my after care summary either. I only found out after the pharmacy called. I would have liked to discuss the medication during the visit as she prescribed something that I already tried and was not covered by my insurance
Sep 13, 2021
Dr. Molly R. Heublein is the BEST DOCTOR I have ever had. Although I have to drive an hour (one way) to San Francisco to see her It is totally worth it.
Aug 15, 2021
Dr. Heublein always helps me and answers my questions. I'm glad she's my doctor.
May 21, 2021
I saw Dr Heublein because I had to see a PCP before my insurance ran out and my usual provider wasn't available. I absolutely LOVED Dr Heublein and would definitely choose her as my provider if I come back to UCSF in the future.
May 11, 2021
She was awesome. Super friendly and listened really well- very thoughtful/considerate as a provider.
Apr 18, 2021
Dr. Heublein is outstanding. She is approachable and listens carefully. I also felt she was patient and knowledgeable when she addressed my concerns.
Apr 05, 2021
Very nice person but pushing me to take med with side effect which is my most health problem - pain. I asked about another drug but doctor insisted to try it first. I had something like this before and had terrible pain had to stop.Plus I take meds to reduce pain without success. So I'm confused and afraid to take this med to add more pain...
Apr 03, 2021
Dr. Heublein is a wonderful doctor!
Mar 26, 2021
doctor cares about me I know I can count on her
Mar 01, 2021
Heublein is always attentive and answers emails immediately
Feb 25, 2021
It was good that she was close to the camera; it felt very personal and caring.
Feb 13, 2021
always good
Jan 27, 2021
Dr Heublein is OUTSTANDING!! She is so easy to talk with and always very open to me. I have fears and issues with medical treatment and she puts me completely at ease. I feel so fortunate to be in her practice.
Jan 13, 2021
It would have been helpful to know at the beginning that the presumed diagnosis precluded my being seen by a specialist. Testing was ordered. I am awaiting the results.
Dec 28, 2020
Best doctor!
Dec 22, 2020
I didn't feel like she was particularly knowledgeable about one of the medications I was on or its potential side effects.
Nov 29, 2020
good experience
Oct 30, 2020
Dr. Heublein is amazing! I'm so happy she is my doctor she's so knowledgeable understanding and kind.
Oct 16, 2020
Dr. Molly Heublein is a great doctor and I'm very glad to be in her practice.
Sep 16, 2020
top-notch physician and care; could not have a better experience.
Aug 28, 2020
I have been with UCSF for many years. I've switched a few doctors before until I met Dr. Molly Rebecca Heublein. Dr. Heublein is a great doctor and always connects with me. She is so humble and down to earth. I feel so blessed to have her as my doctor.
Aug 21, 2020
Provider listened to any health concerns that I had