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Osama Mohamad



Overall Experience
224 reviews
About our process
Dec 11, 2021
I was really satisfied with my meeting
Dec 09, 2021
Like all other health care professionals we have come into contact with at USCF the experience was completely positive. I continue to be impressed with the level of communication professionalism and concern that everyone in the organization has demonstrated. I could not ask for more.
Dec 07, 2021
I have already recommended this provider to other patients and will continue to do so
Dec 04, 2021
Dr Mohamad was an excellent consultant. We reviewed my case together. He answered all my questions.
Dec 02, 2021
Very helpful dr.
Oct 20, 2021
Dr. Mohamad is REALLY good. He is friendly and easy to talk with. We had an excellent discussion. I got a lot out of the visit and have great confidence that he and the medical team backing him up are providing me world class treatment. 10 out of 10.
Sep 30, 2021
I am happy to have Dr Mohamad as my doctor guiding me through my health issues. He is very caring and compassionate doctor. He is trying to make me thinking positive about health issues I am facing.
Aug 12, 2021
Best appointment I could have asked for!
Jul 27, 2021
Opting for radiation for two prostate tumors that were discovered in the scans is a big serious decision for me. He took my concerns seriously and answered my questions helpfully.
Jul 08, 2021
Overall I was very satisfied with my experience on that day.
Jun 18, 2021
Very thorough candid and understanding.
Jun 03, 2021
Dr. Mohamad is excellent.
May 22, 2021
Dr. Mohamad was excellent in describing any treatment.
May 07, 2021
provider explains referenced medical care in detail
Apr 15, 2021
Dr Mohamad always makes me feel that I'm getting the best care available. He's very concerned about my medical situation. I would definitely recommend Dr Mohamad and UCSF to anyone.
Mar 30, 2021
The best explanation of my condition and the proposed treatment. Both my wife and I were very much pleased with his compassion and explanation. We had a lot of anxiety about my condition before the meeting. Gone after the excellent discussion with us.
Mar 25, 2021
This doctor was very helpful in understanding my condition and provided very positive feedback to me.
Mar 07, 2021
So far the echx NPs the assts were all on point.
Feb 18, 2021
Dr MOHAMAD is easy to talk with about your condition.
Jan 23, 2021
Very thorough meeting that answered all our questions. Very glad that he is my provider
Jan 22, 2021
excellent care using latest technology
Jan 19, 2021
one of the best doctors
Oct 20, 2020
good experience
Oct 15, 2020
I am completely satisfied with my tx with Dr Mohamad
Sep 03, 2020
I am completely happy with the treatment and advice I have received from Dr. Osama Mohamad.
Aug 15, 2020
A good experience
Aug 05, 2020
This was my only contact to date with Dr. Mohamad.
Jun 25, 2020
I am [age redacted] years old. I have seen many doctors in my lifetime. Dr. Mohamad is one of the very best.
Apr 09, 2020
The telehealth application allowed Dr. Mohamad to show us charts and active PET & MRI images demonstrating the image findings. This was nearly as effective as actually being in the doctor's office.
Apr 03, 2020
Visit was very informational for me.