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Mar 16, 2020
Not sure if Dr. Garcia even knows but as a well-known patient when another similar patient asked me for a short list of recommended Bay area epileptologists Dr. Garcia was one of the top choices I recommended to that patient.
Jan 08, 2020
we trust no one more than dr Garcia !!
Aug 17, 2019
I left with some questions unanswered but as soon as I emailed Dr Garcia he got back to me immediately to answer them
Feb 13, 2019
can't say enough about Dr. Garcia. he's been on our team for 7 years and no matter what is happening he looks at the changes fully and completely goes "outside the box" to work to help us
Feb 05, 2019
Dr Garcia provided remarkable and professional care to me. He provided diagnosis of condition I've had for mire than 40 years that many clinicians did/could not. I am extremely happy with his care