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Mar 05, 2021
Thank you Dr. Basu I will stick with you as my gynecologist while I am in the Bay Area!
Feb 06, 2021
Dr. Serna was amazing. I was so relieved to connect with her because she was one of those incredibly amazing providers who really helps patients.
Feb 02, 2021
I wish she were the doctor delivering my baby! She was respectful empathetic warm and knowledgeable- all of which made me trust her.
Jan 19, 2021
This is by far the best gynecologic I have seen I my entire life! I already recommended her to a friend who was looking for one
Sep 17, 2020
Since Dr Basu was not at my ultrasound she was not able to answer all my questions during our post pre natal appointment. I wish she could have followup with the nurse or doctor at my ultrasound to better provide me information during my appointment with her- rather then oh I'm not sure since I wasn't there.
Sep 09, 2020
provider was upset that I wanted to reschedule and did not want to be taken care by them despite the fact that the first time she reached out to me was 40 minutes past appointment time with no explanation or remorse for keeping me waiting.
Jul 23, 2020
My doctor is wonderful however I would not recommend her solely on the fact that she has been 30-60min late to each of our appointments. Also when I tried to ask a question in the telehealth app a nurse who was unfamiliar with our relationship responded instead and it was unhelpful.
Jul 16, 2020
The provider listened and took the time to talk to me. Unfortunately she had not been given access to the computer in the room therefore she was unable to look things up about my chart. She had clearly read through my information prior to entering the room though and found which labs and tests had not been provided to the clinic from my previous provider. It seemed like she was very on top of everything which gives me confidence in this provider.
Jul 07, 2020
Dr. Basu was great. very professional courteous efficient and down to earth. I was very pleased she provided 3 services in 1 visit. I was expecting to have to make another appointment.
Jun 21, 2020
I'm not entirely sure the provider understood the pain and discomfort I was experiencing but they still listened and considered me in the treatment plan.
Jun 07, 2020
as mentioned my only concern was the lack of adequate regard to hygiene when it came to the exam bed and the paper sheets and coverings at the women's health department
May 09, 2020
There should be a way for the patients to be notified if the provider is running late and how soon they will be available.
Apr 04, 2020
I had to ask her multiple times to repeat words and medication names and treatment names because she was talking to me like I knew what she was talking about.
Mar 16, 2020
Very nice doctor & felt very comfortable with her.
Mar 14, 2020
she's so awesome I want her to become my primary gynecologist!
Feb 19, 2020
Dr Basu was highly unprofessional and I really hope she won't be in my delivery room. not only she was 45min but she didn't really apologize and was rushing to end the visit as quickly as possible.she didn't even check that I already got some vaccines that she suggested. she refused to take the time to weigh the baby because she was in a hurry and wasn't able to provide details about the baby/placenta position.when I insisted and asked her she simply mentioned "it's the right position". this is the worst health provider I have ever had.