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Tina Bhutani



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Mar 22, 2022
Felt like a factory mill. Not very personal
Mar 07, 2022
I just felt like it was very fast. But it could be what I was there for was supposed to be fast. I kind of left there indifferent. But again it could all that was needed.
Mar 02, 2022
Absolutely love Dr. Bhutani. She took over my case for Dr. Koo and I've been very pleased with our relationship and her help guidance and flexibility in giving me telehealth appointments now that I have a baby.
Sep 18, 2021
I wish there were options to her recommendations. It felt very quick and short and as someone who has less knowledge about skincare I wish there was more options for my skincare
Sep 13, 2021
I have been a pt of Dr. Bhutani many years. She is a skilled knowledgeable and thoughtful provider.
Aug 21, 2021
Jun 19, 2021
This is the third time I have seen this doctor and I really like her.
Jun 16, 2021
very Good!
Jun 12, 2021
they are very friendly always explains everything and takes time to answer all questions and my concerns
Jun 11, 2021
I am very happy to recommend this lovely friendly smart doctor.
May 12, 2021
dr even noticed a place near my eye that might be a problem and she said I should see an ophthalmologist. very nice of her to notice it
May 12, 2021
Inwant to add that she saved my life with a biopsy a few years ago. It revealed a life threatening illness that other physicians had not yet diagnosed.
May 08, 2021
excellent doctor
Apr 07, 2021
Couldn't have been better. Doctor helped develop a plan clearly explaining next steps should one treatment not work.
Mar 27, 2021
Most of the in direct care I spent with the fellow rather than the provider. This was a bit frustrating.
Mar 24, 2021
Dr. Bhutani was extremely personable and knowledgeable. She validated my concerns and was honest about the data/literature and her personal recommendations for treatment/care. I really appreciate her warm demeanor and ability to put individuals at ease. I specifically appreciate her approach to considering the mind-body relationship and how it applies to skin conditions.
Mar 24, 2021
She was amazing
Mar 12, 2021
Even behind a mask the warmth of her smile and words were felt. She is a special lady.
Feb 26, 2021
This was my first visit with Dr. Bhutani and I feel that I am in excellent hands! She is an awesome doctor both on a medical and bedside/personal manner.
Feb 01, 2021
Follow up visits and comunication very poor
Jan 30, 2021
always so friendly attentive thorough compassionate. like a long distant professional friendship.
Jan 29, 2021
Dr Bhutani was great and very knowledgeable. She had no hesitation in diagnosing my conditions and providing advice on treatments.
Oct 30, 2020
this was a screening test....anticipate good follow-up but this survey would be more meaningful if conducted after getting results and any necessary treatment
Oct 26, 2020
So glad that Dr. Bhutani stayed on with UCSF after her residency. An excellent physician and warm-caring manner.
Oct 23, 2020
Seemed rush. 1st treatment did not work due to unit lacking enough "freeze" material. Second try was better but hurt like hell. Provider seemed cavalier about the whole thing. Not too concerned. No follow up info or call .
Sep 19, 2020
dr bhutani is excellent