Tomos Walters


Cardiologist and electrophysiologist
Australian, father of two daughters and rugby enthusiast

About me

Dr. Tomos Walters is a cardiologist who specializes in the heart's electrical system, or cardiac electrophysiology. He cares for adults with rhythm disorders arising from any chamber of the heart and causing fast, slow or irregular heartbeats. He seeks to individualize care and to establish clear, open communication with his patients.

Walters has extensive training in catheter ablation, a minimally invasive procedure that can restore a regular heartbeat by destroying a small area of malfunctioning heart tissue. He also specializes in implanting and managing cardiac rhythm devices. These range from standard pacemakers to advanced implantable devices that monitor electrical activity, defibrillate the heart if a life-threatening arrhythmia occurs, or improve pumping efficiency in patients with heart failure.

Walters' research investigates the causes of persistent atrial fibrillation – characterized by irregular or rapid heartbeats – as well as the factors that worsen symptoms and affect quality of life for patients with the condition. He also studies factors that lead to heart failure in patients with ventricular premature beats, or extra heartbeats that originate in the lower chambers.

Walters earned his medical degree as well as a doctorate from the University of Melbourne. He completed a fellowship in electrophysiology at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, where he studied under Dr. Jonathan Kalman, one of the leading electrophysiologists in Australia. Walters also completed a fellowship in electrophysiology at UCSF.

Walters belongs to the American Heart Association, Royal Australasian College of Physicians and Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand.

  • Education

    University of Melbourne, MD, PhD, 2003

  • Fellowships

    Royal Melbourne Hospital, Electrophysiology, 2015

    UCSF, Electrophysiology, 2017