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Victor Fujimoto



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About our process
Nov 10, 2021
Sometimes feel the care plan is not as individualized as it could be that there is not a lot of oversight specific to contributing factors but rather what's been done as a whole in clinic
Nov 08, 2021
I did not have a good experience with UCSF and definitely will not recommend it to anyone.
Sep 18, 2021
They changed my meds but did not tell me why. The risks are higher and I am concerned and don't want to keep taking them but haven't been able to talk with anyone about it.
Jul 21, 2021
Dr. Fujimoto is friendly patient and professional we talked about the potential treatments and he listened carefully about my concerns
Jun 24, 2021
Past the reception which was spotless I would describe my visit to the UCSF Reproductive Health clinic to being treated like unintelligent livestock.
Jun 18, 2021
Dr Fujimoto was very kind and explained things well
Apr 24, 2021
I trust Fujimoto so much. He is so understanding and caring. He's helped me navigate choices around my IVF and donor egg cycle that I wouldn't to have been able to do on my own.
Apr 14, 2021
It seems like the care provider doesn't not communicate with his team regularly. He does not provide a documented care plan after our appointments.
Mar 23, 2021
very poor communication throughout this process so far of next steps and how to schedule them
Mar 13, 2021
it's hard to get an appointment with the provider and the rn. I was delayed a treatment cycle once because the appointment was schedule after my cycle day one.
Feb 20, 2021
great doctor. I'm trying to figure out how to move my fertility treatment to UCSF because I had a great experience with him!
Feb 10, 2021
we discussed next steps would include a care team reaching out- have received nothing yet from that team.
Jan 10, 2021
Felt the dr was very assured and confident in his treatment plan for us guided us in next steps and confirmed he would be overseeing care every step of the way. This is reassuring and needed
Jan 10, 2021
Provider is very understanding and explains things in an objective manner.
Jan 09, 2021
Dr. Fujimoto is the kindest doctor I've worked with for my infertility. He knows his medical studies and research and when I asked about the science behind possible diagnostics and treatments he's honest and presents it as the research/science. He is open to exploring ideas that we have and helps educate us so we can make the decision that's right for us. He's sincerely THE BEST.
Oct 14, 2020
Pending review of follow up care plan
Sep 24, 2020
Dr. Fujimoto gave wonderful information during my visit. He listened carefully to my needs and prior knowledge on the issue and then targeted his information sharing accordingly. Very helpful.
May 23, 2020
Dr. Fujimoto is very caring understanding patient and loving-hearted.