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Jacqueline Berrios


Social worker
Champion of increasing access to mental health

Jacqueline Berrios is a social worker who provides therapy for patients with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues as part of primary care through a psychiatry department pilot program. Her chief approach is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), with the goal of helping patients develop new ways of thinking and behaving that will alleviate stress.

Berrios earned her master's degree in social work from San José State University with a focus in health and mental health.

Berrios has experience in public health, community mental health, medical social work, and outpatient mental health care for children as well as adults. She has training in several therapy modalities, including dialectical behavior therapy, TEAM-CBT (an empathy-based approach to CBT), cognitive processing therapy (a type of CBT with particular value for post-traumatic stress disorder), trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy for children and teens, motivational interviewing (a method of helping patients find their motivation to make healthful changes) and problem-solving therapy.

Berrios is passionate about mindfulness and holistic health practices. An advocate for diversity, she is experienced in working with Latino communities and practicing therapy in Spanish. She enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures.

  • Education

    San José State University, MSW, 2015

  • Languages


I'm passionate about mental health and consider it a privilege to be one small part of a person's journey toward healing.

Where I see patients (1)

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