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Michael S. Shields


Oncology nurse
Avid reader and baker with two green thumbs

  • (415) 885-3882
  • (415) 885-3882

Michael S. Shields is a nurse who specializes in caring for patients with cancer. His nursing career spans 35 years, with time in various oncology specialties. He considers himself a caregiver, health care navigator and educator, and feels that a patient's best defense is having a solid knowledge base about their disease and treatment.

Shields earned a bachelor's degree in nursing from the University of North Carolina School of Nursing. He joined UCSF in 2001.

In his free time, Shields pursues many artistic interests. He has been a singer, an accompanist, a choir director and an organist. He also works with clay and enjoys gardening. He believes that in his line of work, creative activities provide an important release.

  • Education

    UNC School of Nursing, BS, Nursing, 1985

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