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Ask a Librarian

Ari Kleiman is the Fishbon Library's clinical research librarian. Patients and family members may contact Ari for help with all kinds of health and medical questions, including information on diseases and conditions, treatments, health and wellness, clincial trials and finding reliable online resources.

Some sample questions:

  • Is there immunotherapy for ovarian cancer yet?
  • What do we know about the new prostate cancer test, 4Kscore? Is there any research on it that was not funded by the manufacturer?
  • How does the cardiopulmonary bypass machine work during surgery for mitral valve repair?
  • What are good protein sources for a vegetarian diet?

Contact Ari via phone or email:
Phone: (415) 885-7285

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The librarian has access to additional resources on vitamins, supplements, herbs, natural products and much more. Contact the librarian for more information or to ask a question.


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