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Request an Appointment: Endometriosis Center | UCSF Health

You don't have to be a UCSF patient to make an appointment at the Endometriosis Center. A referral from your doctor is preferred but not required.

  1. Call us at (415) 885-7788 to schedule your appointment.
  2. Before your appointment, gather your medical history and records, including any imaging tests. These may include:
    • Gynecologic surgery reports
    • Notes from your last gynecology visit
    • Radiology reports related to your condition (MRI, CT or ultrasound of your pelvis) from the last 12 months, with images on CD
    • Colonoscopy report
    • Notes from urology, gastroenterology or other applicable specialties
  1. Complete our new patient intake form.
  2. Fax the new patient intake form and all your records to us at (415) 353-9550.